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The Rifleman – western TV show – page two. Some of The Rifleman episodes are embedded from Hulu and may not work with mobile devices at this time.

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A bitter judge kidnaps Mark and plans to kill him to avenge his own sons hanging.

Lucas and Mark are exposed to a deadly disease when they adopt a stray horse.

Mark helps a boy from Brooklyn hide from the law when the boy is accused of murder.

After falling in love with a sick young women, Sam Morley, a man wanted by the law, asks his friend Lucas McCain to turn him in and give the reward money to Beth to pay for the medical help she needs.

The narratives that elicited THE RIFLEMAN’s central themes were compelling because of the characters’ capacity to animate the viewers’ imagination and ability to kindle an emotional connnection to them. THE RIFLEMAN producers, writers and directors attracted the most gifted actors working in Hollywood to enliven the stories with a colorful and varied cast of characters. More than 500 guest stars in over 970 credited roles appeared during THE RIFLEMAN’s five-season run, with many veteran character actors cast in recurring roles. Bill Quinn, who began his career in the silent film era, played Sweeney the Bartender at the North Fork Saloon, appearing in 40 episodes, while John Harmon portrayed the quiet hotel clerk in 15 episodes. Harlan Warde, representing the stolid integrity of a civic-minded businessman, portrayed president of the North Fork Bank in 18 episodes. Hope Summers played Hattie Denton, the owner of North Fork’s General Store. She appeared in 16 episodes, imparting a warm, maternal counterbalance to an otherwise rough and tumble atmosphere. Joan Taylor would replace Hope Summers as owner of the General Store, portraying “Miss Milly,” a character introduced in episode 84. She would provide a romantic interest for Lucas in 18 episodes; however, in the fifth and final season of the show, actress Patricia Blair, potraying “Lou Mallory,” would become the new romantic interest, taking ownership of the General Store from Miss Milly, who returned to her family the east. Blair appeared in 17 episodes. Other recurring characters, some portrayed by different actors, would turn up North Fork, including Toomey the Blacksmith, played by Robert Foulk, who made five appearances, the reassuring stalwart Doc Burrage, who was played by six different actors, including Edgar Buchanan and Rhys Williams, and the character Nels Swenson (also Swensen and Svenson), alternately North Fork’s farrier or the blacksmith, who was played by several actors, including Richard Alexander, John Dierkes, Joe Higgins and Karl Swenson.