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The Riflemanwestern TV show – page six. Some of The Rifleman episodes are embedded from Hulu and may not work with mobile devices at this time.

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Lucas and Mark are held at gunpoint on a train, but when a plague of grasshoppers forces the train to stop, the outlaw escapes and Lucas goes after him.

A town is excited with the arrival of a new preacher, but Mark uncovers that the preacher is a fake and intends to rob the bank.

Lucas solves the murder of a young girl by using a half smoked cigar at the scene.

A man and his son take refuge at the McCain ranch, but the father holds a secret as to why they are really on the run.

Lucas and Mark are held prisoner in their own home when a bank robbing gun man decides to hide out at their ranch.

Born Kevin Joseph Aloysius Connors in Brooklyn, New York on April 10, 1921, Connors was the younger of two children whose parents, originally from Ireland, had immigrated to the US via Newfoundland. As a child of the Depression, he grew up poor in a family that knew hard times, with his mother doing menial jobs and his father perennially unemployed, eventually landing a job as a bank guard in New York City. Young Kevin Connors played baseball on the sand lots as a kid and displayed such exceptional ability that he was given an athletic scholarship at Adelphi Academy, making him one of the few youngsters ever to win a prep school scholarship for sports. Upon graduation from Adelphi, more than 25 colleges offered Connors athletic scholarships. He cast his lot with Seton Hall University in South Orange, New Jersey, where he developed his natural athletic ability. At college, he added basketball to his sports schedule and was instrumental in leading the Seton Hall team to national prominence as a basketball power. He acquired the nickname “Chuck” in South Orange, and it stuck. As Lucas McCain, Connors had two primary concerns in life—first, confronting and overcoming injustice with resolve, fair-mindedness and decency and second, making a home for his young boy, Mark, whose mother passed away. Father and son settle on a ranch near the frontier town of Northfork and begin forging a life in the New Mexico territory.
The casting of Johnny Crawford as young Mark was an inspired choice. A little-known child actor, Crawford and Connors had a genuine chemistry playing father and son. Off-screen, Connors invited his young co-star to accompany him on camping trips with his own sons. Their warm bond persisted, and at Chuck Connors’ memorial service, after passing away at age 71 on November 10, 1992, Crawford gave his TV father and real-life friend a moving eulogy.
Paul Fix is beloved and best remembered for his role as Marshal Micah Torrance on the ABC western series THE RIFLEMAN, appearing in 150 of 168 episodes. His character was introduced in episode 4, “The Marshal.” He brought great pathos and sympathy to the role of a recovering alcoholic turned lawman, and several episodes featured storylines relating to his earlier life, wrestling with his demons and his road to redemption.