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The Rifleman – western TV show – page four. Some of The Rifleman episodes are embedded from Hulu and may not work with mobile devices at this time.

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An ailing gunfighter goes down in a fire of glory in North Fork.

Lucas becomes the target of a gunslinger because of a newspaper article about his prowess with a gun.

When two outlaws threaten Lil Halstead’s life, Lucas decides to figure out the reasons behind the threats.

Brett Conway, a town character, learns that a sick couple in North Fork area is suffering from yellow fever. Knowing that Lucas found the couple, Conway threatens to inform the townspeople unless he gets what he wants.

Lucas and his son Mark are crossing the dessert when their wagon breaks down.

Ed Adamson
Julius Adelman
Albert Aley
Peter Arends
Margaret Armen
Lowell Barrington
Arthur Browne, Jr.
Calvin Clements
Frederic Conrad
Oliver Crawford
Robert Culp
Jack Curtis
Robert C. Dennis
Lawrence Dobkin
John Dunkel
Dale Eunson
Katherine Eunson
Pat Fielder
Harry Julian Fink
George W. George
Judy George
Bruce Geller
Peter B. Germano
Frank D. Gilroy
Bernard Girard
Tom Gries
Herman Groves
David P. Harmon
Clair Huffaker
Cyril Hume
Christopher Knopf
Ken Kolb
Harry Kronman
David Lane
David Lang
Fanya Lawrence
T. Leicester
William F. Leichester
Robert Lewin
Herbert Little, Jr.
Mike Mamakos
Peter Mamakos
Paul Mazursky
Michael Morris
Edmund Morris
Gene Olson
Sam Peckinpah
Samuel A. Peeples
Montgomery Pittman
Robert Sherman
Teddie Sherman
Jay Simms
Barney Slater
Douglas Stevens
N. B. Stone, Jr.
David Swift
Judy Taylor
Palmer Thompson
Thomas Thompson
David Victor
Arthur Weiss
John Wilder
Ward Wood
Martin Zweiback