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The Rifleman – western TV show – page five. Most of These Westerns TV show episodes of The Rifleman are posted here from Hulu. So they may not appear on your mobile device.

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Mark is kidnapped as he and his father try to protect banker Hamilton’s gold.

A dance hall singer ask Lucas to care for her daughter in an effort to hide a baby from her bigoted father.

Mark runs away from home after his father questions his story about over hearing a plot to rob the bank.

Lucas is drawn to a young widow passing thru town on her way to claim her inheritance.

Lucas and Mark try to help out a friend whose been cheated in a horse trading deal.

The opening credits showcasing the skill of Chuck Connors as Lucas McCain firing his rapid-action Winchester rifle set the tone for the western action adventure, to be sure, but the show aspired to be more than a vehicle for gratuitous gun-slinging. Heart-warming human relationships, specifically the kinship between father and son, provided balance, and sometimes a paradoxical juxtaposition, to the violent backdrop of life on the frontier. The rifle complemented Lucas McCain’s persona as a self-possessed, rugged individualist who had high ethical standards and a cool head. Connors in the title role, with rifle at the ready, portrayed the iconic western hero—a cracker jack marksman and cowboy-turned-single-father and homesteader facing life’s challenges with a stoical, reasoned view about social justice and personal responsibility. Uppermost in his mind was being a good role model for his son and a solid citizen in his community. So, when McCain picked up his rifle, he wielded it not only with confidence and competence, but also with rational deliberation and fair-minded determination. He admonished his young son in one episode, “A man doesn’t run from a fight, Mark, but that doesn’t mean you go looking to run to one.