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Black Saddle – western TV show – page three

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Black Saddle – western TV show – page three.

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In the episode “Client Neal Adams” our friend James Drury appears more than three years before the premiere of him as The Virginian on NBC, guest stars as Neal Adams, an old friend of Culhane’s who has robbed a bank of $8,000. Shot in the back by a pursuing bounty hunter, played by Charles Aidman, Adams asks Culhane for help. Adams claims that the bounty hunter is the brother of a man whom Adams had earlier killed in self-defense. From the start, Marshal Scott doubts Adams’ story and questions Culhane’s judgment in the matter. James Drury appeared as a guest star in many westerns including Cheyenne, Lawman, The Rifleman and many more including The Westerns On The Web tung in cheek western comedy episode 3 of Tales Of The Cap Gun KidStagecoach Outlaws.