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Black Saddle – western TV show

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Black Saddle – western TV show. Peter Breck in a wonderful western before he was Nick Barkley. Client Travers episode.

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Apache Trail

This wonderful western series has 44 episodes and originally aired in 1959 and 1960. Starring Peter Breck, Russell Johnson, Anna-Lisa and had some wonderful guest stars.

Joseph Peter Breck – Born – March 13, 1929 – passed away – February 6, 2012. – Is best known for portraying Nick Barkley, ramrod of the Barkley ranch and son to Barbara Stanwyck’s character, Victoria Barkley. The second of four children, Nick was hotheaded, short-tempered, and very fast with a gun. Always spoiling for a fight and frequently wearing leather gloves, Breck’s character took the slightest offense to the Barkley name personally and quickly made his displeasure known, as often with his fists as with his vociferous shouts.

Russell David Johnson – Born – November 10, 1924 – passed away – January 16, 2014. – Is best known for playing the handsome Professor Roy Hinkley (usually called the “Professor”), the very knowledgeable polymath who could build all sorts of inventions out of the most rudimentary materials available on the island, but, as Johnson himself pointed out, could not fix the hole in the boat. Gilligan’s Island aired from 1964 to 1967, but has been shown in reruns continuously ever since.

Black Saddle – western TV show – page two

SHARE ONFOLLOW US ONBlack Saddle – western TV show – page two.    Black Saddle – western TV show episode guide. Season 1 1 1-01 6708 10/Jan/59 Client: Travers 2 1-02 6706 17/Jan/59 Client: Meade 3 1-03 6702 24/Jan/59 Client: McQueen 4 1-04 6704 31/Jan/59 Client: Dawes 5 1-05 6710 07/Feb/59 Client: Starkey 6 1-06 …

Black Saddle – western TV show – page three

SHARE ONFOLLOW US ONBlack Saddle – western TV show – page three.    In the episode “Client Neal Adams” our friend James Drury appears more than three years before the premiere of him as The Virginian on NBC, guest stars as Neal Adams, an old friend of Culhane’s who has robbed a bank of $8,000. …