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The Range Rider – western TV show – page seven.

Fantastic Guest stars include.
Jim Bannon — “Stage to Rainbow’s End”, “The Crooked Fork”, and “Marked for Death” (all 1951), and “Badmen of Rimrock” (1953)
Jeanne Bates — “The Black Terror” (1953)
Pamela Blake — “West of Cheyenne” (1953)
Rand Brooks — “Dim Trails” (1951) and “Shotgun Stage” (1952)
Lonnie Burr — then as a child actor, he appeared as Jimmy in the title role of “The Holy Terror” (1953).
Phyllis Coates — twice, including “Pale Horse” (1952)
Harry Cheshire — five times, including “The Secret Lode” and “Red Jack” (1951)
Gail Davis — twice, including as Ann Carter in “Greed Rides the Range” and in “Outlaw’s Double” (both 1952)
Edgar Dearing — “Pack Rat”, “Indian Sign”, “False Trail”, and “The Fatal Bullet” (all 1951)
John Doucette — four times, including “The Border City Affair” (1953)
James Griffith — seven episodes, including “The Flying Arrow” and “Ghost of Poco Loco” (both 1951)
Alan Hale, Jr. — five times, including the episodes “Bad Medicine”, “Diablo Posse”, and “Last of the Pony Express” (all 1951)
Don C. Harvey — five times, including “The Baron of Broken Bow”, “Marked Bullets”, and “Red Jack” (all 1951)
Myron Healey — six times, including “Gold Hill” (1952)
Darryl Hickman — in “Fight Town” (1952)
Sherry Jackson — then a child actor in “Dead Man’s Shoes” (1951) and “Secret of the Red Raven” (1952)
Brad Johnson — three times, including “The Border City Affair” and “Bullets and Badmen” (1953)
I. Stanford Jolley — twice, including “The Black Terror” and “Hideout” (both 1953)
Tom Keene — as Lang in “The Grand Fleece” (1951)
Fred Krone — “Convict at Large”, “The Buckskin”, “The Chase”, “Outlaw Territory” (all 1953)
Tom London — “The Hawk” and “Dead Man’s Shoes” (both 1951)
Kenneth MacDonald — seven episodes, mostly as a sheriff
Kermit Maynard — “Sealed Justice” (1951) and “Jimmy the Kid” (1952)
Ewing Mitchell — eleven episodes, mostly as a law-enforcement officer
Clayton Moore — as Martin Wickett in “Ambush in Coyote Canyon” (1952) and as Dan Meighan in “The Saga of Silver Town” (1953)
Sheb Wooley — four times, including “The Treasure of Santa Dolores” and “The Old Timer’s Trail” (both 1953), and “Outlaw Pistols” (1953, the series finale)
Dennis Moore — “Ten Thousand Reward” (1951)
J. Pat O’Malley — three times, including “Diablo Posse” (1951)
John M. Pickard — “The Holy Terror” and “The Buckskin” (both 1953)
Denver Pyle — fourteen times, including “Six Gun Party”, “Gunslinger in Paradise”, and “Big Medicine Man” (all 1951)
Marshall Reed — “Pack Rat” and “Sealed Justice” (1951)
Karen Sharpe — “The Chase” (1953)
Glenn Strange — twice, including the role of Chief Black Cloud in “Indian War Party” (1952)
Lyle Talbot — four episodes, including “The Secret of Superstition Peak” (1952) and “West of Cheyenne” (1953)
Gloria Talbott — in “Gold Hill” (1952)
Dub Taylor — three episodes
Minerva Urecal — “Bad Men of Rimrock” and “Outlaw Territory” (both 1953)
Lee Van Cleef — three times, including as Rocky Hatch in “Greed Rides the Range” (1952)
Pierre Watkin — twice, including “Blind Canyon” (1952)
Robert J. Wilke — eight episodes, including “Right of Way” (1951)
Gloria Winters — four times, including “Pack Rat”, as Sally Roberts in “Ghost of Poco Loco” (both 1951), and “Blind Canyon” (1952)
Chief Yowlachie — twice, “Sealed Justice” and “Big Medicine Man” (1951