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The Range Rider – western TV show – page four

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The Range Rider – western TV show – page four.

Episode Guide for 1952 – 1953 – of The Range Rider – western TV show.
Season 3
S3, Ep1
1952 Greed Rides the Range
S3, Ep2
1952 Gold Hill
S3, Ep3
1952 Outlaw’s Double
S3, Ep4
1952 Feud at Friendship City
S3, Ep5
1952 The Secret of Superstition Peak
S3, Ep6
1952 Ambush in Coyote Canyon
S3, Ep7
1953 Indian War Party
S3, Ep8
1953 Bad Men of Rimrock
S3, Ep9
1953 Saga of Silver Town
S3, Ep10
1953 Cherokee Round-Up
S3, Ep11
1953 Treasure of Santa Dolores
S3, Ep12
1953 The Holy Terror
S3, Ep13
1953 Border City Affair
S3, Ep14
1953 The Black Terror
S3, Ep15
1953 Marshal from Madero
S3, Ep16
1953 Bullets and Badmen
S3, Ep17
1953 West of Cheyenne
S3, Ep18
1953 Western Edition
S3, Ep19
1953 Convict at Large
S3, Ep20
1953 Hideout
S3, Ep21
1953 The Buckskin
S3, Ep22
1953 The Chase
S3, Ep23
1953 Old Timer’s Trail
S3, Ep24
1953 Two-Fisted Justice
S3, Ep25
1953 Outlaw Territory
S3, Ep26
1953 Outlaw Pistols