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The Oregon Trail – western TV show

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The Oregon Trail – western TV show. Evan’s Dilemma wester episode. There are only 14 episodes of this western series some which may have never aired!

Starring – Rod Taylor as Evan Thorpe
Darleen Carr as Margaret Devlin
Charles Napier as Luther Sprague
Andrew Stevens as Andrew Thorpe
Tony Becker as William Thorpe
Gina Mari as Rachel Thorpe
In 1842, a widower leaves his Illinois farm and heads west towards Oregon with his three children to seek a better life.
Featured Movie S1 10/Jan/76 The Oregon Trail (120 min)

1 1-01 21/Sep/77 Hard Ride Home
2 1-02 21/Sep/77 The Last Game
3 1-03 28/Sep/77 The Waterhole
4 1-04 12/Oct/77 Trapper’s Rendezvous
5 1-05 19/Oct/77 The Army Deserter aka The Deserter
6 1-06 26/Oct/77 Hannah’s Girls
7 1-07 UNAIRED Return From Death
8 1-08 30/Nov/77 The Scarlet Ribbon
9 1-09 UNAIRED The Gold Dust Queen
10 1-10 UNAIRED The Return of the Baby
11 1-11 UNAIRED Evan’s Vendetta
12 1-12 UNAIRED Suffer the Little Children
13 1-13 UNAIRED Wagon Race