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Wagon Train – western TV show – page – 2

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The Santiago Quesada Story

A New Orleans aristocrat who’s escorting a young lass to San Francisco arouses the fury of a tyrannical town boss when he’s forced to gun down the man’s son. Guest star: Ricardo Montalban (Jean LeBec), Joanna Moore (Mary Leigh Claiborne), Grant Withers (Mark Hammond), William Phipps (Bill Hammond), Phil Chambers (Kennedy), Dick Rich (Bartender), Hannes Lutz (Professor), Robert Osterloh (Pittinger), James Griffith (Dave Choate), Stuart Randall (Marshal), David Hoffman (Storekeeper), Clegg Hoyt (Blacksmith), Ruby Goodwin (Granny Sims), William Challee (Wagon Train Member).

Runtime for Wagon Train is 50 min (252 episodes) (seasons-1-6 and 8) 75 min (32 episodes) (season 7)
Sound Mix – Mono
Originally an hour-long program filmed in black-and-white, Wagon Train changed to 90-minute color episodes in its seventh season but returned to hour-long black-and-white for its eighth year. During its run 284 episodes were broadcast 252 are an hour in length and 32 were 90 minutes. Wagon Train was a very popular program during its original run. In the autumn of 1959, two years after its inception, it ranked as one of seven Westerns in the Nielsen top ten in the United States. In the 1961-62 season it passed Gunsmoke in popularity and ranked as the most popular program on American television!
Black and White (Seasons 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8) Color (Season 7)

Ward Bond as Major Seth Adams 1-4
Robert Horton as Flint McCullough 1-5
John McIntire as Christopher Hale 4-8
Denny Miller as Duke Shannon 5-7
Robert Fuller as Cooper Smith 7-8
Terry Wilson as Bill Hawks
Frank McGrath as Charlie Wooster
Michael Burns as Barnaby West 7-8