Return to Tate – western TV show

Tate – western TV show – page 3

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Tate – western TV show – page 3

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The Reckoning
Tate is chasing a killer named King. Tate becomes sick and the daughter of the man he is chasing ends up taking care of him.
The Gunfighters
A ranchowner owes his hands a year’s wages.He agrees to pay up in cattle, then reneges.They pay Tate to help them collect.
Quiet After the Storm
A girl is shot by her jealous boyfriend and a lynch mob is after him. Tate is also looking and finds him first at the boy’s father’s house.
The Return of Jessica Jackson
Indians have taken Milo Jackson’s wife Jessica & Milo has offered Tate money to get her back.

Some references cite that Tate was recorded on videotape; at the time most non-live programs were shot on film. In fact, the series was filmed, as evidenced by quality of DVD copies of episodes. The misconception seems to come from the name of Como’s production company; in this case, the “Video” in Roncom Video Films, Inc. meant they made films for television. David McLean starred as Tate, who lost the use of his left arm during the American Civil War. Because he was injured at the Battle of Vicksburg in Mississippi, Tate’s arm is covered in black leather and a glove and supported by a sling. Tate is a widower, but the cause of the death of his wife, Mary, is not specified in the series, although a gunfight seems likely.