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Tate – western TV show – page 2

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Tate – western TV show – page 2

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The Bounty Hunter
Tom Sandee is a bounty hunter. He mistakenly thinks Tate is wanted and is going after him.
The Mary Hardin Story
A pretty woman asks Tate to help her. A man known as Tetlow is trying to take her property.
Voices Of The Town
Tate is trying to capture Frank Turner,his wife tries to kill Tate & he has to shoot her.Now the angry towns people are out to get revenge on him.
A Lethal Pride
A man named Arriega hires Tate to hunt down a wanted man.Tate is going to bring the man in but Arriega wants the man brought in dead only.
Tate is escorting a murderer to jail, but there are a group of brothers who don’t plan for him to get there.
Comanche Scalps
Amos Dundee, with Tate going along, is going home to marry his fiance. When they arrive they find that Lucy just married Amos’s brother. Amos intends to kill him but Comanches steal her first.
Before Sunup
A gang of outlaws shoot up a man badly.Then they make a bet on what time he will die. Tate tries to protect the man before the different oulaws can kill him.

Guest Stars include
Robert Redford – 2 episodes.
Julie Adams
Chris Alcaide
Patricia Breslin
James Coburn
Robert Culp
Royal Dano
Ted de Corsia
Louise Fletcher
Peggy Ann Garner
Jock Gaynor
Martin Landau
Mort Mills
Warren Oates
Paul Richards
Bing Russell
Robert F. Simon
Vaughn Taylor
Warren Vanders
Peter Whitney
Don Wilbanks