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Fred MacMurray Western Movies to Watch Free

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Fred MacMurray Western Movies to Watch Free.

GUN FOR A COWARD starring Fred MacMurray, Jeffrey Hunter and Janice Rule. Was here for a limited time!

Starring, Fred MacMurray, Jeffrey Hunter, Janice Rule, Chill Wills, Dean Stockwell, Josephine Hutchinson, Betty Lynn, Iron Eyes Cody, Robert F. Hoy, Jane Howard, Marjorie Stapp, John Larch, Paul Birch, Bob Steele, and Frances Morris, Stanley Andrews, Emile Avery, Forrest Burns, Penny Carpenter, Fred Carson, Kevin Corcoran, Billy Dix, Walter Downs, RobertHaines, Joe Haworth, Chuck Hayward, Leroy Johnson, Paul Kruger, Nolan Leary, Fred McDougall, Dick Rich, Ric Roman, Buddy Roosevelt, Sherman Sanders, and Will J. White. Directed by Abner Biberman. Released January 30, 1957.

Day of the Badman 1958 Fred MacMurray Full Length Western Movie.

Judge Jim Scott must contend with the vicious relatives of a murderer he’s about to sentence…and his unfaithful fiancee. Fred MacMurray, Joan Weldon, John Ericson.

Fred MacMurray – Face of a Fugitive 1959 Full Length Western Movie.

A man is on the run after he and his brother escape the law! The man ends up helping the law in a small western town!

The Moonlighter 1953 Barbara Stanwyck, Fred MacMurray, Ward Bond Full Length Western Movie.

The Forest Rangers western movie. (not available at this time)
A pretty good modern romance-comedy adventure which pits Susan Hayward against Paulette Goddard for the attention of Fred MacMurray and then all three of them versus a terrible forest fire. Good stuff.
We also may have these westerns soon!
The Oregon Trail starring Fred MacMurray . Also William Bishop, Nina Shipman.
The year is 1846 and a reporter for the New York Herald joins a wagon train bound for the Oregon Territory. He hopes to confirm a rumor that President Polk is sending in soldiers disguised as settlers in order to add strength to American claims to the Territory.

The Texas Rangers – Fred MacMurray Full Length Western Movie.

Directed by King Vidor. Starring – Fred MacMurray, Jack Oakie, Jean Parker.

Smoky starring Fred MacMurray

From the wonderful novel by Will James. The story of the bond between a man and a Horse. Clint Barkley (MacMurray) first sees Smoky as a runaway, and drives him back to the ranch where he meets the owner, Julie Richards (Anne Baxter). He is given a job on her ranch, but the head cowhand is doubtful about Clint and fears that since he refuses to talk about himself, he must have some dreadful secret in his past. Clint and Smoky become close to each other, weathering the hardships of Western life and the suspicions of others together, until one day, Smoky tragically vanishes. Will Clint ever see him again?

The Trail of the Lonesome Pine

A feud between Kentucky clans the Tollivers and Falins has been ongoing for as long as anyone can recall. After an engineer, Jack Hale, arrives with coal and railroad interests, he saves the life of Dave Tolliver, whose injury has developed gangrene.
Starring –
Sylvia Sidney as June Tolliver
Fred MacMurray as Jack Hale
Henry Fonda as Dave Tolliver
Fred Stone as Judd Tolliver
Nigel Bruce as Thurber
Beulah Bondi as Melissa
Robert Barrat as Buck Falin
George “Spanky” McFarland as Buddie Tolliver
Fuzzy Knight as Tater
Otto Fries as Corsey
Samuel S. Hinds as Sheriff
Alan Baxter as Clay Tolliver
Margaret Armstrong as Tolliver family member
Ricca Allen as Tolliver family member
Fern Emmett as Lena Tolliver