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Audie Murphy Western Movies to watch Free – page two

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Audie Murphy Western Movies to watch Free – page two.

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Seven Ways From Sundown (1960) Full Movie | Audie Murphy Movies

Hell Bent For Leather starring Audie Murphy and Felicia Farr

In this western Audie is knocked down and his horse stolen by a man he helps walking through the desert. Unknown to Audie the man is an outlaw on the run and Audie is soon framed for some crimes he did not commit!


No Name on the Bullet starring Audie Murphy
John Gant rides into Lordsburg. Gant is a professional killer, and although no one knows who he is there to kill, they are all worried. Everyone has enemies and maybe Gant is after them!
Audie Murphy as John Gant
Charles Drake as Dr. Luke Canfield
Joan Evans as Anne Benson
Virginia Grey as Roseanne Fraden
Warren Stevens as Lou Fraden
R.G. Armstrong as Asa Canfield
Willis Bouchey as Sheriff Buck Hastings
Edgar Stehli as Judge Benson
Simon Scott as Henry Reeger
Karl Swenson as Earl Stricker
Whit Bissell as Thad Pierce
Charles Watts as Sid, the bartender
John Alderson as Ben Chaffee
Jerry Paris as Deputy Sheriff Harold Miller
Russ Bender as Jim, Storekeeper

Gunpoint western movie starring Audie Murphy

young, determined sheriff and his posse chase a gang of murderous train robbers, and a kidnapped woman into New Mexico. Audie Murphy’s western films of the 1950’s are a bit more entertaining action packed and capitalized on his likable resolute personality. The budgets for those ’50’s films were higher than his subsequent films in the 1960’s. This western film has that weakness but is still very entertaining.
Audie Murphy as Chad Lucas
Joan Staley as Uvalde
Warren Stevens as Nate Harlan
Edgar Buchanan as Bull
Denver Pyle as Cap Hold
David Macklin as Mark Emerson
Nick Dennis as Nicos
Royal Dano as Ode
Kelly Thordsen as Ab
Morgan Woodward as Drago
William Bramley as Hoag
Robert Pine

The Duel at Silver Creek

Sierra – Audie Murphy; Wanda Hendrix; Dean Jagger; Burle Ives.

uploaded by Westerns Only – Charles L Dick Jr to dailymotion in 2014

Walk the Proud Land Western Movie 1956 Audie Murphy, Anne Bancroft & Pat Crowley

Drums Across The River – western – movie – Audie Murphy is also a western that is available at times.

Gary a peaceful homesteader living a quiet existence with his father Sam. Frank Walker is hoping to open up the Ute Indian territory for gold-mining purposes and tries to foment a war between the Utes and the local whites, while he steals a gold shipment and pins the blame on Gary.
Audie Murphy as Gary Brannon
Walter Brennan as Sam Brannon
Lyle Bettger as Frank Walker
Lisa Gaye as Jennie Marlowe
Hugh O’Brian as Morgan
Mara Corday as Sue Randolph
Jay Silverheels as Taos
Emile Meyer as Nathan Marlowe
Regis Toomey as Sheriff Jim Beal
Morris Ankrum as Chief Ouray
Bob Steele as Billy Costa
James K Anderson as Jed Walker
George Wallace as Les Walker
Lane Bradford as Ralph Costa
Howard McNear as Stilwell.

Ride Clear of Diablo

Kansas Raiders Western 1950

Ride a Crooked Trail starring Audie Murphy
After trying to rob a bank Maybe assumes the identity of his pursuer, a famous US Marshal, when he stumbles into a town and is confronted by the local judge, Matthau. Murphy is forced to remain as the new Marshal; an old flame, Scala, nearly unmasks him by accident, only to be forced to assume the ruse of being Maybe’s wife. The “couple” given a house and respectability, which neither has had before. They maintain the charade to avoid hurting a young orphan boy, Matthau’s ward. Scala is torn by her loyalty to boyfriend planning to rob the bank and growing feelings for Maybe.

Posse From Hell

Four escapees from death row ride into the town of Paradise and enter the Rosebud Saloon. Crip shoots the town marshal Issac Webb and takes ten men as hostages, killing some to ensure the four are unmolested. The gang leaves town with $11,200 from the Bank of Paradise and a female hostage Helen Caldwell who enters the bar. Marshal Webb had sent for a friend and former gunfighter Banner Cole to help him with the town. Now Cole must track down the outlaws!
Audie Murphy as Banner Cole
John Saxon as Seymour Kern
Zohra Lampert as Helen Caldwell
Vic Morrow as Crip
Robert Keith as Jeremiah Brown
Rodolfo Acosta (credited as Rudolph Acosta) as Johnny Caddo
Royal Dano as “Uncle” Billy Caldwell
Frank Overton as Burt Hogan
James Bell as Mr. Benson
Paul Carr as Jock Wiley
Ward Ramsey as Marshal Isaac Webb
Lee Van Cleef as Leo
Ray Teal as the bank manager
Forrest Lewis as Dr. Welles
Charles Horvath as Hash
Harry Lauter as Russell
Henry Wills as Chunk
Stuart Randall as Luke Gorman
Allan Lane as Burl Hogan