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The Men From Shiloh – western TV show

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The Men From Shiloh – western TV show. Season 9 of The Virginian western television show.

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This is really The Virginian TV series shows! But trying to breath new life into the show in season nine they changed the look and the name! According to James Drury this destroyed the show and is why it was canceled and went off the air after season 9.
Stewart Granger joined the tv-show The Virginian -The Men from Shiloh for it´s 9:th Season in 1970.
Ep.1: The retired British army Colonel MacKenzie are the new owner of Shiloh ranch, he has a hard time to adjust to the way of life in Wyoming and also some disagreements with the Cattleman’s Association. Guest Stars: Martha Hyer, Elizabeth Ashley, Don DeFore.
Trampas and his friend Pick Lexington visit some old friends in Mexico. But Trampas is caught between Pick and one of his Mexican friends as both men fall for the same girl, and he hopes to stop them from dueling each other while the girl chooses between them.
Guest stars: Desi Arnaz, James Farentino and Katy Jurado.
Not a Stewart Granger episode, credit only.
S.9 Ep.5, 1970: Colonel MacKenzie is being accompanied by the young and lovely Miss Lark on a train to her uncle’s place. While they are in a town for a break Lark and the Colonel see a fist fight that ends up in a lethal gun fight. Back on the train the Colonel ride up on the engine with the driver then sees the lynching of the man from the gun fight, he stops the train and saves the man from a hanging.
Guest Stars: Annette O’Toole, Robert Webber.
Gun Quest – S.9 Ep.6, 1970.
Not a Stewart Granger episode, but it is a good one as the Virginian is in a really tough spot.
S.9 Ep.7, 1970: Colonel MacKenzie´s neighbours some German immigrants are being harrasted and Tate come to their aid.
Guest Stars: Susan Strasberg, Brock Peters, Walter Koenig.
Episode Guide for The Men From Shiloh – western TV show.
226 9-01 16/Sep/70 The West vs. Colonel MacKenzie
227 9-02 23/Sep/70 The Best Man
228 9-03 30/Sep/70 Jenny
229 9-04 07/Oct/70 With Love, Bullets, and Valentines
230 9-05 14/Oct/70 The Mysterious Mr. Tate
231 9-06 21/Oct/70 Gun Quest
232 9-07 28/Oct/70 Crooked Corner
233 9-08 04/Nov/70 Lady at the Bar
234 9-09 11/Nov/70 The Price of the Hanging
235 9-10 18/Nov/70 Experiment at New Life
236 9-11 02/Dec/70 Follow the Leader
237 9-12 09/Dec/70 Last of the Comancheros
238 9-13 30/Dec/70 Hannah
239 9-14 06/Jan/71 Nan Allen
240 9-15 13/Jan/71 The Politician
241 9-16 20/Jan/71 The Animal
242 9-17 27/Jan/71 The Legacy of Spencer Flats
243 9-18 10/Feb/71 The Angus Killer
244 9-19 17/Feb/71 Flight from Memory
245 9-20 24/Feb/71 Tate, Ramrod
246 9-21 03/Mar/71 The Regimental Line
247 9-22 10/Mar/71 The Town Killer
248 9-23 17/Mar/71 Wolf Track
249 9-24 24/Mar/71 Jump-Up

The Men From Shiloh – western TV show – page two

SHARE ONFOLLOW US ONThe Men From Shiloh – western TV show – page two     S.9 Ep.9, 1970: Colonel MacKenzie has sustained serious injuries on a cattle drive and Tate has gone to the nearest town to get help from a doctor. However getting a doctor to help isn´t easy. Guest Stars: Jane Wyatt, Lew …

The Men From Shiloh – western TV show – page three

SHARE ONFOLLOW US ONThe Men From Shiloh – western TV show – page three     The Politician – S.9 Ep.15, 1971. Guest stars: William Windom, John Ericson, Diana Muldaur. Not a Stewart Granger episode, credit only. When Foster Bonham is appointed to the Senate he decides to sell his ranch to Shiloh. The Virginian arrives …

The Men From Shiloh – western TV show – page four

SHARE ONFOLLOW US ONThe Men From Shiloh – western TV show – page four     Season – 9 Ep.24 FINAL EPISODE, 1971: Roy Tate takes some time off from Shiloh ranch and heads to Jump-Up were he hope to meet an old flame of his. Guest Stars – John Astin, John McGiver, Madlyn Rhue. James …


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