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The High Chaparral – western TV show

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The High Chaparral – western TV show. The Stars of this wonderful color western television series are – Leif Erickson as Big John Cannon, Cameron Mitchell as Buck Cannon, Mark Slade as Billy Blue Cannon, Henry Darrow as Manolito Montoya, Linda Cristal as Victoria Cannon, Don Collier as Sam Butler, Bob Hoy as Joe Butler, Roberto Contreras as Pedro, Jerry Summers as Ira, Ted Markland as Reno, Rodolfo Acosta as Vaquero, Rudy Ramos as Wind and Frank Silvera as Don Sebastian Montoya.

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This western series focuses on “Big” John Cannon a rancher and his family who live in the Arizona Territory in the 1870s. There are 98 hour slot color episodes of this western television series shows. Originally airing 1967 – 1971.

Some of the wonderful guest stars are Scott Brady, Anthony Caruso, Chief Dan George, Roberto Contreras, Dennis Cross, John Dehner, Paul Fix, Ron Foster, Frank Gorshin, Ron Hagerthy, Ron Hayes, Myron Healey, Don Keefer, Dan Kemp, Robert Loggia, Tyler McVey, Ricardo Montalban, Joanna Moore, Ned Romero, Stuart Randall, Frank Silvera, Barry Sullivan, Dub Taylor, and Morgan Woodward.
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The High Chaparral – western TV show – page two

SHARE ONFOLLOW US ONThe High Chaparral – western TV show – page two.   Episode Guide to The High Chaparral – western TV show. Season 1 1 1-01 10/Sep/67 Destination Tucson (1) 2 1-02 10/Sep/67 The Arrangement (2) 3 1-03 17/Sep/67 The Ghost of Chaparral 4 1-04 24/Sep/67 Best Man for the Job 5 1-05 …