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The Adventures of Champion – western TV show – page three. Champion or Champions ( since there were several) Including Little Champ who was found for Gene Autry by Famous animal trainer Fess Reynolds and his son Don Reynolds who was in several movies with Gene Autry. These horses were owned by Gene Autry. The horse starring in The Adventures of Champion was known as Television Champion or TV Champ for short. He was distinguished by his chestnut coat, blond mane and tail, four white stockings and broad white facial blaze. TV Champ made frequent appearances with Autry in films and television during the 1950s.

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The Adventures of Champion SALTED GROUND

The Adventures of Champion CROSSROADS TRAIL
The Adventures of Champion BAD MEN OF THE VALLEY

“The Die-Hards”
“Brand of the Lawless”
“Calhoun Rides Again”
“Bad Men of the Valley”
“Johnny Hands Up”
“Black Kachina”
“Mystery Mountain”
“The Deer Hunters”
“Salted Ground”
“Rails West”
“A Bugle for Ricky”
“Andrew and the Deadly Double”
“Canyon of Wanted Men”
“Hangman’s Noose”
“Lost River”
“Challenge of the West”
“The Saddle Tramp”
“Renegade Stallion”
“The Outlaw’s Secret”
“The Return of Red Cloud”
“The Stone Heart”
“The Medicine Man Mystery”
“The Golden Hoax”
“King of the Rodeo”
“Crossroad Trail”
“Real Unfriendly Ghost”