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Stories of the Century – western TV show – page four

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Stories of the Century – western TV show – page four.

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After Longley and Kelso escape from a chain gang, Matt goes to a circus where Longley’s girlfriend Mamie works while Kelso comes to get Mamie but mistakenly takes Frankie so that Longley must come himself and Matt follows to recover loot.
gomezy3k says – I grew up a few miles from Bannock and used to go there on picnics with my family back in the 1950’s. A friend and I were playing sherriffs and road agents and he locked me in the jail and we couldn’t get the door open. He had to go get my dad to help get me out. Later we moved over near Virginia City. As a teenager we hung out there off an on… Part of the Plummer gang was hung there and you can still see the ceiling timbers with the rope marks where they hung them. The graves are up on Boot Hill above the city… Plummer was supposed to be a very fast draw and good shot. I have also been to Robbers Roost, a way station between Bannock and Virginia City. You can see the bullet holes in the walls…
I wish they would do an accurate movie of the Plummer gang.