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Shotgun Slade – western TV show – PAGE 3

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Notable Guest stars include
Chris Alcaide appeared in “Freight Line”.
Roscoe Ates as Lou Nugget in the episode “The Fabulous Fiddle”
Lane Bradford in the episodes “Gunnar Yensen” (1959) and “A Noose for Hurley” (1961)
Andy Clyde as Omar James in “Omar the Sign Maker” (1959) and in “A Noose for Hurley” (1961)
Jeanne Cooper as Sally Claymore in “Sudden Death” and as Francie in “Turkey Shoot” (both 1960)
Walter Coy as Lou Canner in “The Deadfall” (January 1, 1960)
Ted de Corsia as Ben Douglas in “Lost Goal” (1960)
Frank Ferguson as Mike Oliver in “The Salted Mine” (1959) and as a Sheriff in “Charcoal Bullet” (1960), and “Valley of the Shadow” (1961)
Dean Fredericks as Vance in “Killer’s Brand” (1960)
Rodolfo Hoyos, Jr., in “A Grave at San Gallo” (1961)
Brad Johnson as Kirby in “Barbed Wire Keep Out” and in another episode “The Missing Dog” (1960)
Brett King in “Five Graves” (1961)
Ernie Kovacs as “Hack” Hackberry in the episode “Salted Mine”
Bethel Leslie in two episodes, including the character Kate Heinie (1960)
Nan Leslie as Judy Travers in “Treasure Trap” (1959)
Nora Marlowe in “The Safe Crackers”
Tyler McVey as Homer Carlson in episode “Dead Man’s Tale” (1960)
Gregg Palmer as a marshal in “Freight Line” (1959) and “Donna Juanita” (1960)
Brad Weston as Wiley in “Mesa of Missing Men” (1959) and as Billy in “Killer’s Brand” (1960)

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