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Laredo – western TV show – page two. Claude Akins is in 5 episodes as Cotton Buckmeister.

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This action packed western series television show about Texas Rangers combined Drama and Action mixed with a very good bit of Comedy and Humor! Other notable guest stars include. X Brands, Ahna Capri, Ellen Corby, Robert O. Cornthwaite, Bruce Dern, Richard Devon, Mimsy Farmer, Shug Fisher, Byron Foulger, Leo Gordon, James Griffith, Julie Harris, Myron Healey, Rodolfo Hoyos, Jr., I. Stanford Jolley, DeForest Kelley, Jack Kelly, Fernando Lamas, Jack Lord, Marlyn Mason, Mort Mills, Shelley Morrison, Stuart Nisbet, Cliff Osmond, Gregg Palmer, William Phipps, Donnelly Rhodes, Roy Roberts, Diane Roter, Kurt Russell, Robert F. Simon, Dub Taylor, Lyle Talbot, Lee Van Cleef, Doodles Weaver and Jack Weston. Also having the English singing group Chad & Jeremy.