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Laramie – western TV show – page 2. There are 124 episodes of the Laramie western television series show. Each episode is made for the hour time slot and time allowed for commercials. The first episodes running from 1959 – 1961 are black and white. The episodes running from 1961 – 1963 are in color.

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Jess is arrested by ex-bounty hunter turned sheriff. Slim helps by having him chained to a tree.

Night Of The Quiet Man

Guest Stars include –

Rico Alaniz
Eddie Albert
Phyllis Avery
Joanna Barnes
James Best
Lyle Bettger
Robert Bray
Charles Bronson
James Brown
Kathie Browne
Jean Byron
Pat Conway
Russ Conway
Jim Davis (actor)
Frank Dekova
Jena Engstrom
Nanette Fabray
Paul Fix
Ron Foster
Dean Fredericks
Tom Greenway
Kevin Hagen
Margaret Hamilton
Stacy Harris
Ron Hayes
Ben Johnson
Brett King
Robert Knapp
John Larch
Dayton Lummis
Jock Mahoney
John McIntire
David McLean
Stephen McNally
Read Morgan
Ed Nelson
Leonard Nimoy
Gregg Palmer
Denver Pyle
Herbert Rudley
Bing Russell
Jacqueline Scott
Olan Soule
Fay Spain
Karl Swenson
Gloria Talbott
Kent Taylor
Gary Vinson
Adam West
Robert J. Wilke
Will Wright