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Have Gun Will Travel – western TV show – page twelve

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Have Gun Will Travel – western TV show – page twelve.

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Richard Allen Boone (June 18, 1917 – January 10, 1981) was an American actor who starred in over 50 films and was notable for his roles in Westerns and for starring in the TV series Have Gun – Will Travel. Boone was born in Los Angeles, California, the middle child of Cecile – née Beckerman – and Kirk E. Boone, a well-to-do corporate lawyer. His father was a descendant of Squire Boone, younger brother of frontiersman Daniel Boone. His mother was Jewish, the daughter of immigrants from Russia. Since Boone was related to Squire Boone, who was Daniel Boone’s brother, he was a distant cousin to Pat Boone and his daughter Debbie Boone and actor Randy Boone, who are reported to be direct descendants from Daniel Boone.