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Casey Jones – western TV show – page two. Started by Los Angeles television station KTTV Casey Jones was filmed on a special set at Ray “Crash” Corrigan’s studio Corriganville in the Simi Valley, California.

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Casey Jones Night Run

Filmed one season only partly because of Alan Hale’s commitment to filming episodes of The Texan with Rory Calhoun. Casey Jones ran for 32 half-hour black-and-white episodes. Its theme song was a version of the “Ballad of Casey Jones”.
There are two versions of the opening title sequence. The first version features Pat Hogan (billed as playing Sam Peachpit) alongside Dub Taylor and Eddy Waller; however he only appears in the opening episode “Night Mail”. This version features Cinders the dog but not Mary Lawrence. The second version, which opens with a head-on shot of the Cannonball coming down the line, has a different version of the shot of Alan Hale, Jr., with Bobby Clark in the cab and credits Mary Lawrence but omits Cinders. A reversed image is used in a close up of the Cannonball and the nameplate can be seen as reversed behind the show title.
There are alternate versions of the closing credits. Both feature Alan Hale, Jr., and Bobby Clark waving from the cab, the second features different shots of the Cannonball, including one of it passing over a trestle and the brow of a hill, and a different version of the song with slight amendments to the lyrics (to include Cinders). Alan Hale, Jr., filmed an introduction to the first episode on set with Bobby Clark where he introduced the new series to the audience.
The locomotive used in location footage was Sierra No. 3, which was also used in many other television shows and films.