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Bat Masterson – western TV show

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Bat Masterson – western TV show.

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Dressed up in a derby hat and cane Bat Masterson gambler and lawman roams the West romancing women and fighting for justice. He uses his wit and his cane as weapons as much or more than his Colt. The Fighter episode.

This show ran from 1958 – 1961. Starring – Gene Barry, Allison Hayes, Ken Drake. Gene Barry stated he was not sure he wanted to do a western series. BUT when he was shown the outfit and tried it on he was hooked!

No Amnesty for Death

Bat Masterson – western TV show – page two

SHARE ONFOLLOW US ONBat Masterson – western TV show – page two.   Stampede At Tent City – Bat Masterson western TV episode. Bat Masterson – western TV show episode guide. Season 1 1 1-01 08/Oct/58 Double Showdown 2 1-02 15/Oct/58 Two Graves for Swan Valley 3 1-03 22/Oct/58 Dynamite Blows Two Ways 4 1-04 …