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Alias Smith and Jones – western TV show – page two

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Alias Smith and Joneswestern TV show – page two.

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Ben Murphy, Roger Davis, Pete Duel. There are 50 episodes of this 1971 – 1973 western series television show.

Other Recurring characters besides the main characters.
Kyle Murtry (Dennis Fimple) and Wheat Carlson (Earl Holliman), members of the Devil’s Hole Gang, formerly led by Heyes and Curry;
Harry Briscoe (J.D. Cannon), a Bannerman detective who occasionally finds himself on the wrong side of the law;
Patrick “Big Mac” McCreedy (Burl Ives) and Señor Armendariz (Cesar Romero), two ranchers on opposite sides of the US-Mexico border/Rio Grande waging a feud over a valuable bust which represents land that had been owned by Armendariz until the river temporarily switched course, moving the border with it, allowing MacCreedy to sell the land. Heyes and Curry get stuck in the middle;
Clementine “Clem” Hale (Sally Field), an old friend who has no problem with blackmailing the reformed outlaws when necessary. Field had appeared in only one episode before Duel’s death, and she could not return due to being pregnant with her second child. Several scripts intended for her were rewritten to feature Georgette “George” Sinclair, who was played by Michele Lee. In the third season, Field did appear as Clem one last time; this time doing love scenes with former Flying Nun co-star Alejandro Rey.
Soapy Saunders (Sam Jaffe) and Silky O’Sullivan (Walter Brennan), both retired confidence men that the boys call on when in need of a large sum of cash and a good con to get them out of trouble.