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Roy Rogers Western Movies to Watch Free – page three

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Roy Rogers Western Movies to Watch Free – page three.

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Lights of Old Santa Fe starring Roy Rogers

From 1944 Margie Brooks is the owner of the Brooks International Rodeo but cannot get bookings because the show is time-worn and dated. Frank Madden’s rodeo is all the rage and Madden wants to combine the Brooks and Madden shows. To that end, he proposes marriage to Margie. Roy Rogers is hired for the Brooks Rodeo with one performance date in Albuquerque scheduled. The outfit packs up and heads to its destination but is sabotaged by Madden‘s henchman. At home, Margie learns of the disaster, and, disheartened, agrees to marry Madden. Roy suspects Madden was involved in the sabotage of Margie’s show. He waylays Madden’s henchman and forces the truth from him. At Margie’s wedding, he presents the man’s confession. Madden is sent to prison, and his show sold to a rodeo promoter. Margie then agrees to combine the shows and the rodeo is a hit at the State Fair.
Roy Rogers as Roy Rogers, a western singer and rodeo man
Dale Evans as Margie Brooks, the owner of Brooks International Rodeo
George “Gabby” Hayes as Gabby Whittaker, manager of Margie’s rodeo
Tom Keene as Frank Madden, the owner of Madden Worldwide Shows, a rodeo
Roy Barcroft as Ken Ferguson, Madden’s henchman
Arthur Loft as Bill Wetherbee, a rodeo promoter
Claire Du Bray as Rosie McGurk, Margie’s companion and housekeeper
Lloyd Corrigan as Marty Maizely, a radio station owner
Sam Flint as Sheriff
Lucien Littlefied as the Judge
Bob Nolan as Bob, a singer and rodeo man
Sons of the Pioneers as musicians and rodeo men.
Rival rodeos are operated by good guy Gabby and bad guy Richard Powers. Dale is trying to choose between them, aided ultimately by Roy and the Sons of the Pioneers (who are radio singers).

Bad Man of Deadwood western movies and television shows from all over the web for you to watch here for FREE . Here is a wonderful Roy Rogers and Gabby Hayes movie Bad man of Deadwood . ENJOY and Thanks for watching !

The town of Deadwood and its businesses are controlled by Ripper and his gang of thugs. Roy and Gabby enter the town to set up a show business but are run over by Ripper and his gang. When the going gets too tough Roy and Gabby fight back to bring the gang to the law with evidence.
Roy Rogers as Brett Starr aka Bill Brady
George ‘Gabby’ Hayes as Prof. Mortimer “Gabby” Blackstone
Carol Adams as Linda Barrett
Henry Brandon as Ted Carver
Herbert Rawlinson as Judge Gary
Sally Payne as “Princess” Sally Blackstone
Hal Taliaferro as Henchman Ripper
Jay Novello as Monte Burns
Horace Murphy as Seth Belden
Monte Blue as Sheriff Jordan
Ralf Harolde as Jake Marvel
Jack Kirk as Clem Littlejohn.
Roy and Gabby have to establish fair business practices in the town of Deadwood, currently dominated by entrepreneurs who scare off potential competitors. From 1941.


Texas Legionnaires ROY ROGERS WESTERN MOVIE FREE AKA as Texas Legionaires AKA The Man from Music Mountain. western movies and television shows from all over the web for you to watch here for FREE . Here is a wonderful Roy Rogers and Trigger movie with Ruth Terry . Texas Legionnaires . ENJOY and Thanks for watching !

Roy returns to his hometown to make a radio appearance as a singing cowboy. There he finds himself in the middle of a war between sheep raisers and cattlemen.
Roy Rogers as Himself
Trigger as Trigger, Roy’s Horse
Bob Nolan as Bob
Sons of the Pioneers as Musicians
Ruth Terry as Laramie Winters
Paul Kelly as Victor Marsh
Ann Gillis as Penny Winters
George Cleveland as Sheriff Hal Darcey
Pat Brady as Pat Brady, Sons of the Pioneers
Renie Riano as Christina – Housekeeper
Paul Harvey as Davis
Hank Bell as Adobe Joe Wallace
Jay Novello as Henchman Barker
Hal Taliaferro as Henchman Slade.

Trigger Jr. starring Roy Rogers

Color western movie from 1950 Evil Grant Withers lets a killer horse loose to ruin valuable horses on nearby ranches. He hopes to shake down the ranchers for his “protection”. Roy tracks down the bad guys.
Roy Rogers
Dale Evans
Pat Brady
Gordon Jones
Grant Withers
Peter Miles
George Cleveland
Frank Felton
Foy Willing and the Riders of the Purple Sage.