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Western Movies Made for TV. There are many western movies made for Television that never played in a theater! Some of these are very good westerns with big name stars! Some were pilots for western TV series shows or proposed series that did not get picked up.

Here is YUMA starring Clint Walker and Kathryn Hays, Barry Sullivan, Edgar Buchanan, Morgan Woodward, Peter Mark Richman, John Kerr, Bing ( Neil ) Russell, Bruce Glover, Robert Phillips, Miguel Alejandro, Rudy Diaz, Bill McLean and Napoleon Whiting.

YUMA starring Clint Walker full length western movie. Watch hundreds of free westerns. Westerns On The Web brings this full length , complete western movie to you for free. This is a really good made for television western movie from 1971 titled Yuma it was produced by Aaron Spelling. This Movie stars Clint Walker who will always be remembered as Cheyenne Bodie to many folks. Filmed in and around Old Tucson Arizona. This movie was done in the early 1970s when westerns were really fading away and as far as made for TV movies go this is a really good one with a great cast. The way the boy learns to swim at the end is how my dad taught me to swim. If you would like to see more Clint Walker western movies you can actually purchase them from the Big Guy Himself at

Made For TV movie THE NEW MAVERICK is a show westerns has now and then.

The Animated Western Movie. The Man From Button Willow. Starring Dale Robertson.

Very obscure Animated Movie From 1965. The Man From Button Willow tells the story of Justin Eagle a rancher living in a small town called Button Willow. Justin lives in the ranch called the Eagles Nest with his good Freind Sorry, his little Chinese Step Daughter Stormy and all the animals about the farm Rebel and Savanna two Horses Shady (a Dog) Alfy (a Skunk My Fav Character) Little Condor (A Carrior Pidgeon) and other animals roaming about the place. But justin also leads a secret life as an agent for the government as a secret Spy to help bring back senators who have been kidnapped trying to stop all the comotion between the land and the railroad.

Kenny Rogers as The Gambler.

Kenny Rogers as The Gambler debuted on April 8, 1980. It was a ratings and critical success that has spawned four sequels. The show won a Best Edited Television Special Eddie Award and garnered two Emmy nominations (for cinematography and editing of a limited series).

Kenny Rogers – The Gambler 2 – The Adventure Continues.

Second movie in The Gambler series.

Kenny Rogers – The Gambler 3 : The Legend Continues.

When most producers deserted the Western Kenny Rogers made these for television and folks couldn’t wait to watch these adventures!

Kenny Rogers – The Gambler Returns – The Luck Of The Draw.

This one is with Reba McEntire.

Kenny Rogers – The Gambler V : Playing For Keeps.

The last of the series. So far anyway. made in 1994.