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The Road West – western TV show

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The Road West – western TV show. The adventures of a family leaving their Ohio home for the Kansas Territory. Starring Barry Sullivan, Andrew Prine, Brenda Scott. Westerns TV could not locate even a show intro video of this western series at this time. There are 29 episodes of this series originally airing in 1966 and 1967.


Episode Guide for The Road West – western TV show.
Season 1
S1, Ep1
12 Sep. 1966 This Savage Land: Part 1

S1, Ep2
19 Sep. 1966 This Savage Land: Part 2

S1, Ep3
26 Sep. 1966 The Gunfighter

S1, Ep4
3 Oct. 1966 The Lean Years

S1, Ep5
10 Oct. 1966 This Dry and Thirsty Land

S1, Ep6
17 Oct. 1966 Long Journey to Leavenworth

S1, Ep7
24 Oct. 1966 Ashes and Tallow and One True Love

S1, Ep8
31 Oct. 1966 Piece of Tin

S1, Ep9
7 Nov. 1966 Lone Woman

S1, Ep10
14 Nov. 1966 Shaman

S1, Ep11
28 Nov. 1966 To Light a Candle

S1, Ep12
5 Dec. 1966 Pariah

S1, Ep13
12 Dec. 1966 Have You Seen the Aurora Borealis?

S1, Ep14
26 Dec. 1966 Power of Fear

S1, Ep15
9 Jan. 1967 Reap the Whirlwind

S1, Ep16
16 Jan. 1967 Beyond the Hill

S1, Ep17
23 Jan. 1967 The Predators

S1, Ep18
30 Jan. 1967 A Mighty Hunter Before the Lord

S1, Ep19
6 Feb. 1967 No Sanctuary

S1, Ep20
13 Feb. 1967 The Insider

S1, Ep21
20 Feb. 1967 Road to Glory

S1, Ep22
27 Feb. 1967 Fair Ladies of France

S1, Ep23
6 Mar. 1967 Never Chase a Rainbow

S1, Ep24
13 Mar. 1967 Eleven Miles to Eden

S1, Ep25
27 Mar. 1967 Charade of Justice

S1, Ep26
3 Apr. 1967 The Eighty-Seven Dollar Bride

S1, Ep27
10 Apr. 1967 A War for the Gravediggers

S1, Ep28
24 Apr. 1967 The Agreement

S1, Ep29
1 May 1967 Elizabeth’s Odyssey