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The Quest – western TV show

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The Quest – western TV show. AT THIS TIME THE TRAILER FOR THIS WESTERN SERIES IS ALL WESTERNS TV COULD FIND ONLINE. From 1976 starring Kurt Russell, Tim Matheson, Frank Salsedo. There are 15 episodes of this western series. Morgan and Quentin Beaudine 2 brothers who were separated as children when Morgan and their sister were kidnapped by Indians. Morgan lived with the indians for several years until the army rescues and reunites him with Quentin, now a doctor. Together they search for their sister who is still a captive of the Indians.

The Pilot is 90 minutes long but the rest of the episodes are approx. 44 minutes each!
Other stars –
Brian Keith as Tank Logan
Keenan Wynn as H.H. Small
John Anderson
Neville Brand
Erik Estrada
Brian Keith
Gary Lockwood
Hal Miller
Cameron Mitchell
Read Morgan
Morgan Woodward
Keenan Wynn
Episode Guide for The Quest – western TV show.
1 1-01 22/Sep/76 The Captive (90 min)
2 1-02 29/Sep/76 The Buffalo Hunters
3 1-03 13/Oct/76 Shanklin
4 1-04 27/Oct/76 Day of Outrage
5 1-05 03/Nov/76 Seventy-Two Hours
6 1-06 10/Nov/76 Prairie Woman
7 1-07 24/Nov/76 Welcome to America, Jade Snow
8 1-08 01/Dec/76 The Longest Drive (1)
9 1-09 08/Dec/76 The Longest Drive (2)
10 1-10 22/Dec/76 Portrait of a Gunfighter
11 1-11 29/Dec/76 The Freight Train Rescue
12 1-12 UNAIRED The Last of the Mountain Men
13 1-13 UNAIRED Dynasty of Evil
14 1-14 UNAIRED The Seminole Negro Indian Scouts
15 1-15 UNAIRED Incident at Drucker’s Tavern