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The Men From Shiloh – western TV show – page two

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The Men From Shiloh – western TV show – page two

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S.9 Ep.9, 1970: Colonel MacKenzie has sustained serious injuries on a cattle drive and Tate has gone to the nearest town to get help from a doctor. However getting a doctor to help isn´t easy.
Guest Stars: Jane Wyatt, Lew Ayres.
Experiment at New Life – S.9 Ep.10, 1970.
Guest stars: Vera Miles, Sue Lyon, Ralph Meeker.
Not a Stewart Granger episode, credit only.
S.9 Ep.11, 1970: Colonel MacKenzie´s lovely cousin Vanessa comes from England to visit. Trampas however have some troubles with not so lovely cousins of a ranch hand Thad Miley that has been killed, the Miley´s are all plain crazy.
Guest Stars: Katherine Woodville, Noah Beery, Anthony Franciosa.
S.9 Ep.12, 1970: Colonel MacKenzie meets the pretty reporter Sally while buying cattle. She is interviewing the Comancheros and reports the slaying of a wild bull to her newspaper. An event that cause tension among the townspeople.
Guest Stars: Beth Brickell, James Gregory, Ricardo Montalban.
S.9 Ep.14, 1971: Colonel MacKenzie rides into town to find out that his friend that he was there to meet has been killed by a local Bobby Allen due to impropriety with his sister Nan Allen.
Guest Stars: Diane Baker, Tom Skerritt, E.G. Marshall.

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