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The Men From Shiloh – western TV show – page three

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The Men From Shiloh – western TV show – page three

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The Politician – S.9 Ep.15, 1971.
Guest stars: William Windom, John Ericson, Diana Muldaur.
Not a Stewart Granger episode, credit only. When Foster Bonham is appointed to the Senate he decides to sell his ranch to Shiloh. The Virginian arrives at the Bonham ranch to finalize the sale, but Foster’s drunken, irresponsible brother Jack is determined to stop the sale any way he can. When a murder is committed the Virginian searches for Jack, and Foster must decide between his brother and his Senate seat.
The Legacy of Spencer Flats – S.9 Ep.17, 1971.
Guest stars: Ann Sothern, Edgar Buchanan, Bradford Dillman, Carolyn Jones.
Not a Stewart Granger episode, credit only.
S.9 Ep.19, 1971: Colonel MacKenzie is riding past a snow capped mountain and sees a dark horse in the distance with a dazed rider. When Colonel MacKenzie approaches the rider is thrown off her horse so the Colonel takes her to a cabin where he puts her on a bed and is able to ascertain her name is Melissa. She is in chock and can´t remember anything at first.
Guest Stars: Burgess Meredith, Tisha Sterling, Robert Fuller.
S.9 Ep.21, 1971: While Colonel MacKenzie gets reports about Indian´s attacking white settlers from the cavalry, he recognize one of the cavalry soldiers. He was apparently killed in action in India ten years ago under the command of Colonel MacKenzie´s brother.
Guest Stars: John Saxon, Randolph Mantooth, Bert Freed.
S.9 Ep.23, 1971: Colonel MacKenzie is out on a cattle drive with Tate and other ranch hands when a wolf sets off the steers. The Colonel sets out to hunt the wolf using a trailing bait, but soon he realize that the wolf is hunting him.
Guest Stars: Julie Harris, Clint Howard, Pernell Roberts.

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