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The Marshal of Gunsight Pass – western TV show

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The Marshal of Gunsight Pass – western TV show. THIS IS A VERY SHORT SERIES ONLY 22 half hour EPISODES FROM 1950! Starring Roscoe Ates, Eddie Dean, Russell Hayden. Sorry westerns tv could not even find a clip!


This program was broadcast from a lot at the Iverson Movie Ranch in Chatsworth in Los Angeles County, California. Geared toward a children’s audience, the program was telecast live to West Coast stations and viewed via kinescope elsewhere. Even for early television the production of this program seems unusually primitive. 12 March 1950 – 30 September 1950. Also Andy Parker and The Plainsman (Eddie Dean’s Band). ANY MORE INFO ON THIS CLASSIC WESTERN TV SHOW WOULD BE APPRECIATED!

Episode guide for The Marshal of Gunsight Pass – western TV show.
1 – The Marshal of Gunsight Pass – Shotgun Messenger
The other episodes names are not known at this time.