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The Americans – western TV show

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The Americans – The Guerillas episode.

Original Date of Broadcast March 20,1961. Directed by John Florea Written by Andy Lewis. Starring Richard Davalos Guest Starring Robert Culp, Sonya Wilde, Berry Kroeger, Norman Alden, Patrick Waltz, Ken Mayer, Strother Martin, James Seay, George Kennedy, Terry Ann Ross, Paul Lambert, Gertrude Flynn Pauline Myers and Peggy Stewart. Still has original vintage commercials for Pepsi, Saran Wrap, Polident, Gillette and Right Guard. The story of the Canfield brothers, Ben and Jeff, who had taken up arms on opposites sides of the Civil War. While Ben chose to fight with Union forces, younger brother Jeff sided with the Confederacy. Episodes alternated between the brothers, as each one faced the challenges and horrors of this bloody war, until the two finally faced each other on the battlefield.
– Written by Jean-Marc Rocher.