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Episode Guide for The Adventures of Kit Carson – western TV show

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Episode Guide for The Adventures of Kit Carson – western TV show


Season 1
California Outlaws S1, Ep1
11 Aug. 1951 California Outlaws

Prince of Padua Hills S1, Ep2
18 Aug. 1951 Prince of Padua Hills

The Road to Monterey S1, Ep3
25 Aug. 1951 The Road to Monterey
After an attempt is made to assassinate Sen. Fowler–who happens to be Kit’s former commanding officer–Kit escorts him to Monterey. In the meantime, El Toro tries to re-start a romance with an ex-girlfriend.

The Padre’s Treasure S1, Ep4
1 Sep. 1951 The Padre’s Treasure

The Murango Story S1, Ep5
8 Sep. 1951 The Murango Story

Riders of Capistrano S1, Ep6
15 Sep. 1951 Riders of Capistrano

Enemies of the West S1, Ep7
22 Sep. 1951 Enemies of the West

Law of the Six-Guns S1, Ep8
29 Sep. 1951 Law of the Six-Guns

The Devil at Angel’s Camp S1, Ep9
6 Oct. 1951 The Devil at Angel’s Camp

Law of the Frontier S1, Ep10
13 Oct. 1951 Law of the Frontier

The Road to El Dorado S1, Ep11
20 Oct. 1951 The Road to El Dorado

Fury at Red Gulch S1, Ep12
27 Oct. 1951 Fury at Red Gulch
Kit and El Toro rescue a newspaper editor falsely accused of murder and help him capture the real villain, the town’s gambling house owner.

The Outlaws of Manzantia S1, Ep13
3 Nov. 1951 The Outlaws of Manzantia

The Desperate Sheriff S1, Ep14
10 Nov. 1951 The Desperate Sheriff

The Hero of Hermosa S1, Ep15
17 Nov. 1951 The Hero of Hermosa

A Ticket to Mexico S1, Ep16
24 Nov. 1951 A Ticket to Mexico
Kit and El Toro try to catch the thief of the winning ticket to the Mexican state lottery.

The Return of Trigger Dawson S1, Ep17
1 Dec. 1951 The Return of Trigger Dawson

The Teton Tornado S1, Ep18
8 Dec. 1951 The Teton Tornado

Bad Man of Brisco S1, Ep19
15 Dec. 1951 Bad Man of Brisco

Spoilers of California S1, Ep20
22 Dec. 1951 Spoilers of California

Feud in San Filipe S1, Ep21
29 Dec. 1951 Feud in San Filipe

The Trap S1, Ep22
5 Jan. 1952 The Trap

Border Corsairs S1, Ep23
12 Jan. 1952 Border Corsairs

Curse of the Albas S1, Ep24
19 Jan. 1952 Curse of the Albas

Bandit’s Blade S1, Ep25
26 Jan. 1952 Bandit’s Blade
Kit Carson trails a gang that uses counterfeit money to buy land from unsuspecting victims, kill them, and then use the same phony bills again.

Season 2
Snake River Trapper S2, Ep1
2 Aug. 1952 Snake River Trapper

The Baron of Black Springs S2, Ep2
9 Aug. 1952 The Baron of Black Springs

Danger Hill S2, Ep3
16 Aug. 1952 Danger Hill
When a student discovers gold under the schoolhouse, Melody Flats’ town boss and his henchmen try to jump the schoolmarm’s claim. Kit and El Toro come to aid of the schoolteacher.

Wild Horses of Pala S2, Ep4
23 Aug. 1952 Wild Horses of Pala

Trail to Fort Hazard S2, Ep5
30 Aug. 1952 Trail to Fort Hazard

Warwhoop S2, Ep6
6 Sep. 1952 Warwhoop

Outlaw Paradise S2, Ep7
13 Sep. 1952 Outlaw Paradise
Boone Williams, the Curly-Haired Kid, has been released from prison and prepares to carry out threats he’s made against Kit Carson and Judge Trumbull, the men who he blames for putting him in prison. While wearing clothes similar to Kit’s he dry-gulches the Judge after arranging for the Judge’s son to witness the crime with Kit nearby so he can be identified as the criminal. El Toro breaks Kit out of jail and the two men pursue Williams to the Panhandle with the Judge’s son in pursuit.

Powder Smoke Trail S2, Ep8
20 Sep. 1952 Powder Smoke Trail

Trouble in Tuscarora S2, Ep9
27 Sep. 1952 Trouble in Tuscarora

Trail to Old Sonora S2, Ep10
4 Oct. 1952 Trail to Old Sonora

Road to Destiny S2, Ep11
11 Oct. 1952 Road to Destiny

Border City S2, Ep12
18 Oct. 1952 Border City

Roaring Challenge S2, Ep13
25 Oct. 1952 Roaring Challenge

The Range Master S2, Ep14
1 Nov. 1952 The Range Master

Thunder Over Inyo S2, Ep15
8 Nov. 1952 Thunder Over Inyo

Pledge to Danger S2, Ep16
15 Nov. 1952 Pledge to Danger

Golden Trap S2, Ep17
22 Nov. 1952 Golden Trap

Singing Wires S2, Ep18
29 Nov. 1952 Singing Wires

Mojave Desperados S2, Ep19
6 Dec. 1952 Mojave Desperados

Highway to Doom S2, Ep20
13 Dec. 1952 Highway to Doom

Hideout S2, Ep21
20 Dec. 1952 Hideout

The Broken Spur S2, Ep22
27 Dec. 1952 The Broken Spur

Ventura Feud S2, Ep23
3 Jan. 1953 Ventura Feud

Bad Men of Marysville S2, Ep24
10 Jan. 1953 Bad Men of Marysville

Claim Jumpers S2, Ep25
17 Jan. 1953 Claim Jumpers
A crooked assayer and his henchman attempt to steal an old miner’s claim by relocating its apparent entrance to a worthless mine-shaft.

Mark of the Vigilantes S2, Ep26
24 Jan. 1953 Mark of the Vigilantes
Kit agrees to serve as a town’s acting marshal and must fight a crooked businessman who plans to rig an election.

Season 3
Outlaw Trail S3, Ep1
1 Aug. 1953 Outlaw Trail
Kit poses as a gunfighter and El Toro as a notorious jewel fence in order to find a jewel-encrusted plaque that has been stolen from a mission.

Savage Outpost S3, Ep2
8 Aug. 1953 Savage Outpost

Hawk Raiders S3, Ep3
15 Aug. 1953 Hawk Raiders

The Widow of Indian Wells S3, Ep4
22 Aug. 1953 The Widow of Indian Wells

Law of Boot Hill S3, Ep5
29 Aug. 1953 Law of Boot Hill

Trouble at Fort Mojave S3, Ep6
5 Sep. 1953 Trouble at Fort Mojave

Powdersmoke Law S3, Ep7
12 Sep. 1953 Powdersmoke Law

Secret Sheriff S3, Ep8
19 Sep. 1953 Secret Sheriff

Outlaw Army S3, Ep9
26 Sep. 1953 Outlaw Army

Lost Treaure of the Panamints S3, Ep10
3 Oct. 1953 Lost Treaure of the Panamints

Frontier Mail S3, Ep11
10 Oct. 1953 Frontier Mail

Open Season S3, Ep12
17 Oct. 1953 Open Season

Gunsmoke Justice S3, Ep13
24 Oct. 1953 Gunsmoke Justice

Challenge to Chance S3, Ep14
31 Oct. 1953 Challenge to Chance

Marshal of Gun Town S3, Ep15
7 Nov. 1953 Marshal of Gun Town

Uprising at Pawhuska S3, Ep16
14 Nov. 1953 Uprising at Pawhuska

Army Renegades S3, Ep17
21 Nov. 1953 Army Renegades

Badman’s Escape S3, Ep18
28 Nov. 1953 Badman’s Escape

The Haunted Hacienda S3, Ep19
5 Dec. 1953 The Haunted Hacienda
When El Toro’s uncle is threatened with losing his ranch due to a series of a series of supernatural events and witchcraft episodes, Kit Carson is asked to intervene.

Gunsmoke Valley S3, Ep20
12 Dec. 1953 Gunsmoke Valley
Kit and El Toro show up at the wedding of an old friend, who’s also an ex-convict. They discover that the man’s benefactor has been murdered, their friend has been accused of it and a mob is preparing to lynch him.

Renegades Wires S3, Ep21
19 Dec. 1953 Renegades Wires

Ambush S3, Ep22
26 Dec. 1953 Ambush

The Dry Creek Case S3, Ep23
9 Jan. 1954 The Dry Creek Case

Copper Town S3, Ep24
16 Jan. 1954 Copper Town
Kit and El Toro go after a gang of stagecoach robbers who are using an inn along the trail as a front.

Counterfeit Country S3, Ep25
23 Jan. 1954 Counterfeit Country

The Cache S3, Ep26
30 Jan. 1954 The Cache

Season 4
Trails Westward S4, Ep1
31 Jul. 1954 Trails Westward

Stampede Fury S4, Ep2
7 Aug. 1954 Stampede Fury

Bullets of Mystery S4, Ep3
14 Aug. 1954 Bullets of Mystery

The Wrong Man S4, Ep4
21 Aug. 1954 The Wrong Man

The Gatling Gun S4, Ep5
28 Aug. 1954 The Gatling Gun
Kit and El Toro are entrusted with protecting the west’s first Gatling gun, which is wanted by a gang headed by a woman who is a wanted Confederate war criminal.

Powder Depot S4, Ep6
4 Sep. 1954 Powder Depot
Kit and El Tore are sent to deliver an ammunition shipment to prevent an Indian uprising brought about by a white man posing as an Indian god.

The Hermit of Indian Ridge S4, Ep7
11 Sep. 1954 The Hermit of Indian Ridge

Riders of the Hooded League S4, Ep8
18 Sep. 1954 Riders of the Hooded League

Frontier of Challenge S4, Ep9
25 Sep. 1954 Frontier of Challenge
In order to find out what’s behind a mysterious businessman’s determined effort to find out when the army is going to build its next forts, Kit fakes his own death and poses as an outlaw.

Trail to Bordertown S4, Ep10
2 Oct. 1954 Trail to Border town

No Man’s Law S4, Ep11
9 Oct. 1954 No Man’s Law

The Missing Hacienda S4, Ep12
16 Oct. 1954 The Missing Hacienda

Renegades at Rejo S4, Ep13
23 Oct. 1954 Renegades at Rejo

Ghost Town Garrison S4, Ep14
30 Oct. 1954 Ghost Town Garrison

Eyes of the Outlaw S4, Ep15
6 Nov. 1954 Eyes of the Outlaw
Kit and El Toro drive off a blind outlaw and his Indian partner who were trying to kidnap a young woman from a stagecoach. They soon find they didn’t realize how much trouble it is going to cause them.

Valient Outlaw S4, Ep16
13 Nov. 1954 Valient Outlaw

Judge of Black Mesa S4, Ep17
20 Nov. 1954 Judge of Black Mesa

Frontier Empire S4, Ep18
27 Nov. 1954 Frontier Empire

Trouble in Sundown S4, Ep19
4 Dec. 1954 Trouble in Sundown

Outlaw’s Justice S4, Ep20
11 Dec. 1954 Outlaw’s Justice

The Golden Ring of Cibola S4, Ep21
18 Dec. 1954 The Golden Ring of Cibola

Overland Stage S4, Ep22
25 Dec. 1954 Overland Stage
Kit and El Toro try to help a young woman running a stage line find out who’s behind a rash of robberies of her stages carrying silver.

Devil’s Remuda S4, Ep23
1 Jan. 1955 Devil’s Remuda
Kit and El Toro try to find out what’s behind a herd of horses that has been accused of trampling several people to death.

The Phantom Uprising S4, Ep24
8 Jan. 1955 The Phantom Uprising

Mission to Alkali S4, Ep25
15 Jan. 1955 Mission to Alkali

Incident at Wagontire S4, Ep26
22 Jan. 1955 Incident at Wagontire