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Redigo – western TV show

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Redigo – western TV show. Called EMPIRE in its first season on NBC, and REDIGO in its short second season on ABC. Starred Richard Egan. Only 15 episodes of this modern type western series. From 1963 starring Richard Egan, Rudy Solari, Roger Davis. No complete episodes online at this time.

Episode Guide for the Redigo – western TV show.
Season 1
S1, Ep1
24 Sep. 1963 Lady War-Bonnet
S1, Ep2
1 Oct. 1963 The Blooded Bull
S1, Ep3
8 Oct. 1963 Boy from the Rio Bravo
S1, Ep4
15 Oct. 1963 Prince Among Men
S1, Ep5
22 Oct. 1963 The Crooked Circle
S1, Ep6
29 Oct. 1963 Little Angel Blue Eyes
S1, Ep7
5 Nov. 1963 Man in a Blackout
S1, Ep8
12 Nov. 1963 Papa-San
S1, Ep9
19 Nov. 1963 Horns of Hate
S1, Ep10
26 Nov. 1963 Shadow of the Cougar
S1, Ep11
3 Dec. 1963 The Thin Line
S1, Ep12
10 Dec. 1963 Hostage Hero Riding
S1, Ep13
17 Dec. 1963 Privilege of a Man
S1, Ep14
14 Dec. 1963 The Black Rainbow
S1, Ep15
31 Dec. 1963 The Hunters