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Pony Express – western TV show

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Pony Express – western TV show. There are 35 half hour episodes of this western series originally airing in 1959 and 1960 starring Grant Sullivan, Don Dorrell and Boyd ‘Red’ Morgan. Westerns TV could not find even a clip of this almost forgotten western series. What a shame that so many of these wonderful western television series shows are so difficult to find with all the other shows that are more modern more easy to find to watch but not near the quality as the classic westerns. The series featured two recurring characters – Grant Sullivan as Brett Clark. Brett is a roving investigator for the Pony Express Company and Don Dorrell is Donovan he is a young Pony Express rider. The majority of the weekly episodes involved Clark and Donovan solving various Pony Express mysteries.
Grant Sullivan – Brett Clark (35 episodes, 1959-1960) Don Dorrell – Donovan (31 episodes, 1959-1960).

S1, Ep0 – Pilot
9 Mar. 1960 The Story of Julesberg
S1, Ep1
23 Mar. 1960 The Killer
S1, Ep2
30 Mar. 1960 The Replacement
S1, Ep3
6 Apr. 1960 The Last Mile
S1, Ep4
13 Apr. 1960 Payoff
S1, Ep5
1959 Wrong Rope
S1, Ep6
1960 The Deadly Sniper
S1, Ep7
1960 Justice for Jenny
S1, Ep8
1959 The Treaty
S1, Ep9
1959 Message from New Orleans
S1, Ep10
11 Nov. 1959 The Good Samaritan
S1, Ep11
18 Nov. 1959 The Peace Offering
S1, Ep12
1959 Wrong Man
S1, Ep13
1959 The Reluctant Bride
S1, Ep14
1959 Lady’s Choice
S1, Ep15
1959 Token Payment
S1, Ep16
1960 We Ourselves
S1, Ep17
30 Dec. 1959 Showdown at Thirty Mile Ridge
S1, Ep18
1960 Bandito
S1, Ep19
1959 Princess of Crazy Creek
S1, Ep20
20 Jan. 1960 The Theft
S1, Ep21
1960 Duel at Devil’s Canyon
S1, Ep22
3 Feb. 1960 Vendetta
S1, Ep23
1960 Mail for a Male
S1, Ep24
17 Feb. 1960 The Breadwinner
S1, Ep25
24 Feb. 1960 The Golden Circle
S1, Ep26
2 Mar. 1960 The Station Keeper’s Bride
S1, Ep27
16 Mar. 1960 The Pendant
S1, Ep28
20 Apr. 1960 Special Delivery
S1, Ep29
27 Apr. 1960 The Wedding of Big Zack
S1, Ep30
3 May 1960 The Renegade
S1, Ep31
10 May 1960 Trial by Fury
S1, Ep32
1960 Reclaim
S1, Ep33
1960 Ghost of Caribou Ridge
S1, Ep34
3 Jun. 1960 The Search

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