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Hudson’s Bay – western TV show

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Hudson’s Bay – western TV show. Starring Barry Nelson and George Tobias. Western Series dealing with stories connected to the Hudson’s Bay Company and its fur trade shortly after North America was colonized. Trappers, Explorers, Native Americans, French and British alike all traveled the territory seeking their fortunes and finding fame and adventure.

Difficult to find a good list of episodes here are two.

Voice in the Wilderness
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S1, Ep4
1959 Fort Caribou
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S1, Ep5
1959 Battle of the Mississippi
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S1, Ep9
1959 The Executioner
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S1, Ep12
1959 Civilization
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S1, Ep14
1959 Rebels of Red River
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S1, Ep19
1959 Warrant’s Depot
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S1, Ep21
1959 Batiste LeGrande
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S1, Ep23
1959 The Coward
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S1, Ep30
1959 The Accounting
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S1, Ep36
1959 The Northern Cheyenne
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S1, Ep39
1959 Black Barrier
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