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Hec Ramsey – western TV show

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Hec Ramsey – western TV show. WESTERNS TV COULD NOT LOCATE ANY FULL LENGTH EPISODES OF THIS CLASSIC MYSTERY WESTERN ONLINE BUT HERE IS THE INTRO AND THEME SONG. Hec is an aging lawman who is interested and learning about the field of forensics. Several newer western shows have tried to tackle this plot also. This was part of the NBC Mystery Movie of the week show during the 1972-73 and 1973-74 seasons.

There are only 10 episodes of the Hec Ramsey – western TV show.
1 “The Century Turns” 1972·Oct·08
2 “Hangman’s Wages” 1972·Oct·29
3 “The Green Feather Mystery” 1972·Dec·17
4 “The Mystery of the Yellow Rose” 1973·Jan·28
5 “The Mystery of Chalk Hill” 1973·Feb·18
Season 2 (1973–1974)
6 “A Hard Road to Vengeance” 1973·Nov·25
7 “The Detroit Connection” 1973·Dec·30
8 “Dead Heat” 1974·Feb·03
9 “Scar Tissue” (with Terry Wilson as Lew Post) 1974·Mar·10
10 “Only Birds and Fools” 1974·Apr·07