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Hawkeye and the Last of the Mohicans – western TV show

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Hawkeye and the Last of the Mohicans – western TV show. There are 39 episodes of this black and white half hour western TV series originally airing in 1957 and filmed in Canada. The series stars John Hart as Nat ‘Hawkeye’ Cutler and Lon Chaney, Jr. as Chingachgook.

Episode Titles –
Hawkeye’s Homecoming
The Threat
Franklin Story
The Wild One
Delaware Hoax
The Coward
Ethan Allen Story
The Witch
The Medicine Man
The Servant
The Search
Snake Tattoo
False Witness
Powder Keg
Way Station
The Brute
Stubborn Pioneer
The Promised Valley
The Girl
The Soldier
Huron Tomahawk
Tolliver Gang
The Colonel and his Lady
Washington Story
Winter Passage
The Reckoning
La Salle’s Treasure
The Prisoner
False Faces
The Morristown Story
The Contest
The Truant
The Royal Grant
The Long Rifles
The Printer
The Indian Doll
Circle of Hate