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Fury – western TV show

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Fury – western TV show. Starring Peter Graves, Bobby Diamond, William Fawcett. 116 half hour episodes.Originally airing from 1955 – 1960.

A boy (Joey) gets into trouble and ends up in court instead of letting him go into a home for orphans or a detention center Jim Newton the owner of a ranch offers for him to come to his ranch and work for him. The Judge agrees and Joey goes to Jim’s Ranch where he forms a special bound with the horse Fury! Many younger people have very found memories of this show because of the reruns years later!
The Story of a horse and the boy who loved him! In this thrilling Western TV series a recent widower (Peter Graves) and owner of the Broken Wheel ranch takes in Joey, a young orphan boy. The ranch is also the home of a wild stallion named Fury, that none of the ranch hands can tame—except young the boy! Joey and Fury form a special bond and embark upon lifetime adventures at the Broken Wheel Ranch! This Classic TV Western series follows the adventures of Joey (Bobby Diamond) a young orphan boy who is taken in by Jim Newton (Peter Graves), a recently widowed horse rancher, and Fury, the wild stallion he befriends. Joey’s first experience with love comes in dealing with Fury’s attraction to a mare.
Episode Guide for the Fury – western TV show.

October 15, 1955

Episodes 1-114

Season One 1955

Killer Stallion

October 22

The Horse Coper

October 29

Joey Goes Hunting

November 5

Scorched Earth

November 12

Joey’s Dame Trouble

November 19

Joey and the Gypsies

November 26

Joey’s Father

December 3

Joey Saves the Day

December 10

The 4-H Story

December 17

Junior Rodeo

December 24

Ghost Town

December 31

Season Two


The Hobo

January 7

Tungsten Queen

January 14

Joey Sees It Through

January 21

Stolen Fury

January 28

The Choice

February 4

Boy Scout Story

February 11

Search for Joey

February 18

The Miracle

February 25

The Test

March 3

Fury Runs to Win

March 10


March 17

The Wonder Horse

March 24

Pirate Treasure

March 31

The Baby

April 7

Joey and the Little League

October 13


October 20

Trial by Jury

October 27

Joey and the Wolf Pack

November 3

Indian Mountain

November 17

The Flying Saucers

November 24

Joey and the Stranger

December 1

Pete’s Folly

December 15

Boy’s Day

December 22

Season Three


The Feud

January 5

Loco Weed Story

January 12

Joey Shows the Way

January 26

Nature’s Engineers

February 12

The Strong Man

February 16

The Scientists

February 23

My Horse Ajax

March 9

The Tomboy

March 16

Joey, Junior Lifeguard

March 30

Fire Prevention Week

October 12

The Racers

October 19

Community Chest

October 26

Mercy Flight

November 2

The Renegade

November 9

Pee Wee Grows Up

November 16

The Fourth Estaters

November 23

The Tornado

November 30

The Pinto Stallion

December 7

Bike Road -EO

December 14

The Wayfarer

December 21

One Thousand Dollar Reward

December 28

Season Four


Operation CD

January 4

The Break-Up

January 11

Joey’s First Crush

January 18

Pee Wee’s Problem

January 25

The Lost Herd

February 1

The Baby Sitters

February 8

The Horse Nobody Wanted

February 15

The Bounty Hunters

February 22

The Meanest Man

March 1

A Fish Story

March 8

Rogues and Squires

March 15

Robber’s Roost

March 22

Second Chance

March 29

The Claim Jumpers

April 5

The Littlest Horse Thief

October 11

Aunt Harriet

October 8


October 18


October 25


November 1

The Fire Watchers

November 15

The Ornithologists

November 22

The Unwanted Shepherd

November 29

Troubles Have Wings

December 6

The Model Plane

December 20

The Will

December 27

Season Five


The Pulling Contest

January 3

Ten Dollars A Head

January 17

Feeling His Oats

January 24

Bad Medicine

January 31

Sonic Boom

February 7

An Old Indian Trick

February 14

The Relay Station

February 21

Black Gold

February 28

Girl Scout

March 7

House Guests

March 14

Joey’s Jalopy

April 4

Junior Achievement

October 10

Big Leaguer

October 17

Trail Drive

October 24

Man Killer

October 31

Visiting Day

November 7

The Timber Walkers

November 14

Turkey Day

November 21

The Map

November 28

The Rocketeers

December 5

The Fort

December 12

The Vanishing Blacksmith

December 19

The Big Brothers

December 26

Season 6


Packy The Lion Tamer

January 2

Private Eyes

January 9

The Witch

January 16


January 23

A Present For Packy

January 30

Trottin Horse

February 6

Packy’s Dilemma

February 13


February 20

The Skin Diver

February 27

Packy’s Dream

March 19