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Four Feather Falls a puppet show – western TV show

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Four Feather Falls a puppet show – western TV show. Set in the late 1800’s fictional Kansas town of Four Feather Falls where the hero of the series Tex Tucker is the sheriff. SORRY NO EPISODES AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME

Four Feather Falls is the third puppet TV show produced by Gerry Anderson for Granada Television. Based on an idea by Barry Gray who also wrote the show’s music. The series was the first to use an early version of Anderson’s Supermarionation puppetry. Thirty-nine 13-minute episodes were produced and broadcast by Granada from February 1960 – November 1960. The four feathers of the title refers to four magical feathers given to Tex by the Indian chief Kalamakooya as a reward for saving his grandson. 2 feathers allowed Tex’s guns to swivel and fire without being touched whenever he was in danger and two conferred the power of speech on Tex’s horse and dog. Tex’s speaking voice was provided by Nicholas Parsons and his singing voice by Michael Holliday. The series has never been repeated on British television. This western series was released on DVD in 2005.