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Cowboy In Africa – western TV show

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Cowboy In Africa – western TV show. Rodeo champion cowboy Jim Sinclair is hired by Commander Hayes to bring modern elements to his game ranch in Kenya. His Navajo blood brother John Henry also works there and a 10 year old orphan boy Samson is adopted by them.

This series originally aired in 1967 and 1968 and stars Chuck Connors, Tom Nardini, Ronald Howard and Gerald Edwards. There are 26 episodes of this out of the west more modern day western.
Episode Guide to the Cowboy In Africa – western TV show.
The New World
Kifaru! Kifaru!
Incident at Derati Wells
What’s an Elephant Mother to Do?
Search for Survival
Stone Age Safari
The Adopted One
Fang and Claw
The Time of the Predator
Lake Sinclair
Tomorrow the Wind
Little Boy Lost
The Man Who Has Everything
To Build a Beginning
The Hesitant Hero
African Rodeo, Part 1
African Rodeo, Part 2
First to Capture
The Red Hand of Michael O’Neill
The Quiet Death
A Man of Value
Search and Destroy
Work of Art
John Henry’s Eden
The Lions
The Kasubi Death