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Victor Mature Western Movies to Watch Free

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Victor Mature Western Movies to Watch Free.

Fury at Furnace Creek 1948 Full Length Western Movie

Director: H. Bruce Humberstone (as Bruce Humberstone)

Writers: Charles G. Booth, Winston Miller

Stars: Victor Mature, Coleen Gray, Glenn Langan

Escort West 1958 Victor Mature Full Length Western Movie.

Starring Victor Mature, Elaine Stewart, Faith Domergue.

Chief Crazy Horse starring Victure Mature and Suzan Ball WESTERN movie

This biography of the famous Lakota Sioux war chief is told entirely from the Indian viewpoint.
Hope you enjoy.
Victor Mature – Chief Crazy Horse
Suzan Ball – Black Shawl (Little Fawn)
John Lund – Maj. Twist
Ray Danton – Little Big Man
Keith Larsen – Flying Hawk
Paul Guilfoyle – Worm
David Janssen – Lt. Colin Cartwright
Robert Warwick – Spotted Tail
James Millican – General George Crook
Morris Ankrum – Red Cloud/Conquering Bear
Donald Randolph – Aaron Cartwright
Robert F. Simon – Jeff Mantz
James Westerfield – Caleb Mantz
Stuart Randall – Old Man Afraid
Pat Hogan – Dull Knife
Dennis Weaver – Major Carlisle
John Peters – Sgt. Guthrie
Henry Wills – He Dog

Fury at Furnace Creek
Director: H. Bruce Humberstone
Stars: Victor Mature, Coleen Gray, Glenn Langan