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Sunset Carson Western Movies to Watch Free

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Sunset Carson Western Movies to Watch Free.

Sunset Carson Rides Again

Sunset Carson is trying to raise money for a new school and his partner Sam Webster is out to stop him. When Carson plans a benefit prize-fight, Webster plans to make off with the proceeds. This is one of 4 westerns produced by little known Yucca Pictures and features Sunset Carson playing himself in his customary fashion.

Sunset Carson as Sunset Carson
Al Terry as Bob Ward aka Kansas Kid
Pat Starling as Joan Carson
Dan White as Sheriff Norton
Pat Gleason as Referee Brown
John L. Cason as Sam Webster
Stephen Keyes as Henchman Murdock
Ron Ormond as Jim Pizor (Henchman)
Bob Curtis as “Tin-Cup” Callahan
Joe Hiser as “Shorty” McDuff
Bill Vall as “Slugger” Appolodamus
Forrest Matthews as Sam Nevens
Don Gray as Henchman Rand
Dale Harrison as Tomkins
The Rodeo Revelers as Musicians