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Rex Bell Western Movies to Watch Free

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Rex Bell Western Movies to Watch Free.

Broadway to Cheyenne starring Rex Bell western movie watch free online

A cowboy detective goes up against a gang of big-city thugs trying to set up a protection racket out west. Rex Bell vehicle is an excellent amalgam of the western and gangster genres. Bell stars as a frontier detective who finds out that the territory has been invaded by a mob of New York gangsters. Displaying their usual strong-arm tactics, the villains set up a protection racket, targeting the local ranchers. But these citified thugs are no match for the tenacious Westerners.
Rex Bell as “Breezy” Kildare
Marceline Day as Ruth Carter
Matthew Betz as Joe Carter
Huntley Gordon
Roy D’Arcy as Jess Harvey
Robert Ellis as B.H. “Butch” Owens
Gwen Lee as Mrs. Myrna Wallace
Harry Semels as Louie Walsh
Al Bridge as Al (Owens henchman)
Rae Daggett as Rae Walsh
John Elliott as Martin Kildare
Gordon De Main as Rancher
George ‘Gabby’ Hayes as Walrus
Earl Dwire as Cattleman
Clark Gable as Brett.


Law And Lead.

In a nearly-instant of a remake of ‘Cowboy Holiday’, Rex Bell plays Jimmy Sawyer, a Cattleman’s Association operative, and goes on the trail of his friend Pancho Gonzales.
Rex Bell … Jimmy Sawyer
Hal Taliaferro … Steve Bradley (as Wally Wales)
Harley Wood … Hope Hawley
Earl Dwire … Dad Hawley
Soledad Jiménez … Señora Gonzales
Donald Reed … Pancho Gonzales,
Roger Williams … Card cheat
Lane Chandler … Cattleman Detective Ned.