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Lex Barker Western Movies to Watch Free

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Lex Barker Western Movies to Watch Free.
Lex Barker made several good westerns! Some he starred in Like This one.

The Man from Bitter Ridge a 1955 Full Length Eastman Color Western Movie.

A stranger comes to the town of Tomahawk Jeff Carr, a special investigator, arrives in Town after almost being lynched. His assignment is to discover who has been holding up the local stagecoach and is guilty for a series of killings that terrorize the town. Sheepman Alec Black is suspected by the local population but it is not long before Jeff realizes the man is innocent. Alec even becomes a good friend although he is in love with the same woman as him, Holly. Investigating who is behind a series of stagecoach holdups. Lex Barker as Jeff Carr, Mara Corday as Holly Kenton, Stephen McNally as Alec Black, John Dehner as Rance Jackman. Also with Trevor Bardette, Ray Teal, Warren Stevens, Myron Healey.