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Jeff Chandler Western Movies to Watch Free

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Jeff Chandler Western Movies to Watch Free.

Pillars Of The Sky starring Jeff Chandler, Dorothy Malone, Ward Bond western movie

Wonderful classic western movie to watch free online. In Oregon Country, 1868, several tribes of Native Americans have been placed on a reservation north of the Snake River. Here Doctor Holden has built a church, and many of the tribes have accepted Christianity and Christian names. Sgt. Emmett Bell is in charge of maintaining order here. When the cavalry, under the command of Col. Stedlow, arrives, building a bridge across the river and intending to open a road across the reservation to areas north, some of the tribal chiefs feel their treaty has been violated. As the cavalry column advances into the reservation, Kamiakin vows to lead the tribes in battle against the invading white men.

War Arrow starring Maureen O’Hara and Jeff Chandler

A western movie about the Indian wars with settlers! Major Howell Brady arrives in Indian Territory in hopes of recruiting peaceful relocated Seminoles to help the army fight rampaging Kiowas. Together with his two sergeants, Brady enlists the help of the Seminole chief, Maygro (Henry Brandon}, by giving him $500 and promising his people food and land.
Jeff Chandler as Maj. Howell Brady
Maureen O’Hara as Elaine Corwin
John McIntire as Col. Jackson Meade
Suzan Ball as Avis
Noah Beery, Jr. as Sgt. Augustus Wilks
Charles Drake as 1st Sgt. Luke Schermerhom
Henry Brandon as Chief Maygro
Dennis Weaver as Pino
Jay Silverheels as Satanta
Jim Bannon as Capt. Roger G. Corwin
Stephen Wyman as Capt. Neil.

The Battle at Apache Pass starring John Lund and Jeff Chandler is another western we have now and then.

When Cochise bands together with Geronimo and other Indian nations, Major Colton abandons his fort, heading towards Fort Sheridan, through Apache Pass. Only thing in his way are the Indians he used to call his friends.
John Lund
Jeff Chandler
Susan Cabot
Bruce Cowling
Beverly Tyler
Richard Egan
Jay Silverheels
John Hudson
Jack Elam
Regis Toomey
Tommy Cook
Hugh O’Brian
James Best
Richard Garland
Palmer Lee
William Reynolds
Paul Smith
Jack Ingram.

Broken Arrow – James Stewart and Jeff Chandler

Tom Jeffords tries to make peace between settlers and Apaches. By 1870 there has been years of war between settlers and Cochise’s Apaches. An Ex-soldier Tom Jeffords saves the life of an Apache boy. He then determines to use this chance to make himself an ambassador and falls in love with an Apache maiden. Against all odds, his solitary mission into Cochise’s stronghold opens a dialogue. Opportunely, the president sends The Bible teaching General Howard with orders to conclude peace. But even with Jeffords’s luck, the deep grievance and hatred on both sides make tragic failure all too likely.
James Stewart as Tom Jeffords
Jeff Chandler as Cochise
Debra Paget as Sonseeahray (‘Morningstar’)
Basil Ruysdael as Gen. Oliver Otis Howard (the “Christian General”)
Will Geer as Ben Slade, Rancher
Joyce Mackenzie as Terry, Scatfly Proprietress (as Joyce MacKenzie)
Arthur Hunnicutt as Milt Duffield, Mail Superintendent
Jay Silverheels as Geronimo
Argentina Brunetti as Nalikadeya, Cochise’s Wife
John Doucette as Mule driver

Drango 1957 Full Length Western Movie.
Major Clint Drango of the U.S. Army and his aide, Capt. Banning, ride into a burned-out Georgia town shortly after the end of the Civil War with orders to set up a military governorship. The townspeople are bitter over the destruction of their homes, but they do not know that Drango was a participant in that destruction.
Directors: Hall Bartlett, Jules Bricken
Stars: Jeff Chandler, Joanne Dru, Julie London

“TWO FLAGS WEST” Joseph Cotten, Linda darnell, Jeff Chandler.
“TWO FLAGS WEST” – Storyline – During the Civil War, Confederate POWs join the Union Army to fight Indians but old animolsities between Unionist and Confederates resurface during their fragile alliance against their common enemy the Indians.
An All-star cast featuring, Joseph Cotten, Linda Darnell, Jeff Chandler, Cornel Wilde, Dale Robertson, Jay C. Flippen, Noah Beery Jr.,Harry Von Zell, Johnny Sands, Arthur Hunnicutt,and Robert Adler.
The full cast starring, Stanley Andrews, Jose Baca, Marjorie Bennett, Chet Brandennburg, Bertha Brennan, Ralph Bucko, Bill Burch, Harry Carter, Autora Castillion, Fabian Chevez Jr., Allen Church, Sally corner, Don Cox, Hillard Crown, Donald Curtis, William H. Doyle Jr., Joseph Droegel, Don Garner, Everett Glass, Roy Gordon, Fred Holm, Charley Holt, George K. Hundley, Ray Jones, Jack Lee, Lee MacGregor, William McCarter, Don Nevitt, Ferguson, Pollycutt, Hank Potts, Johnny Spencer, Sam Tafoya, Ferris Taylor,and Britton Turkles.Directed by Robert Wise. Released October 12, 1950.

The Great Sioux Uprising – Jeff Chandler; Faith Domergue; Lyle Bettger

The Jayhawkers – Jeff Chandler-Fes Parker

1955 –