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Harry Carey Western Movies to Watch Free

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Harry Carey Western Movies to Watch Free.

Border Devils western movie starring Harry Carey full length

Jim Gray is falsely arrested for the murder of his friend. Jim breaks out of jail to prove he is innocent and find the true killers. Jim discovers a mysterious figure is behind smuggling illegal immigrants and murder. The old west doesn’t get much wilder. Harry Carey, George ‘Gabby’ Hayes, Kathleen Collins, Niles Welch, Olive Carey, Albert J. Smith, Merrill McCormick, Art Mix, Tetsu Komai, Jack Gallagher.

Last of the Clintons (Harry Carey) Western Movies Full Length.

In this action, romance, western movie a Cowboy and his sidekick infiltrate an outlaw gang and he is told to kidnap a young girl. Directing done by Harry L. Fraser. Starring Harry Carey, Betty Mack, Del Gordon, Victor Potel, Earl Dwire, Slim Whitaker. Originally released on 12 November 1935.

Wagon Trail (Harry Carey) western movies full length .

This western movie stars John Wayne’s Hero!
Directed by Harry L. Fraser. Starring Harry Carey, Gertrude Messinger, Edward Norris, Roger Williams. The son of Sheriff Clay Hartley, of the frontier town Elder, has gotten into bad company and hangs out with an outlaw gang in which, Collins, owner of the Golden Rule Saloon, is the secret head. Sheriff Hartley suspects him, but has been unable to gather the needed evidence. Collins instructs his gang, including young Hartley, to hold up the stagecoach on its return trip from Missionary Flats and take the cargo of gold dust it is carrying. Sheriff Hartley is notified of the planned holdup by one of his deputies who has been spying on Collins, and organizes a posse. A deputy-sheriff is killed in the ensuing gunfight between the lawmen and the outlaws, but Deputy Joe Larkin, pursues and captures Clay Hartley Jr. The latter is quickly tried and convicted of the killing of the deputy, and sentenced to be hung. Sheriff Hartley has only a few hours to prove his son was not the killer. He enlists the aid of Collins’ step-daughter, Joan, who is in love with Hartley’s son. Written by Les Adams.