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Gene Autry Western Movies to Watch Free

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Gene Autry Western Movies to Watch Free.

Gene Autry western movie The Big Show

Republic Pictures
Production#: 607
71 minutes

Movie stunt-double Gene Autry must take the place of temperamental Western star Tom Ford (both roles are played by Gene) who skips out on an appearance at the Texas Centennial. Gene’s singing soon leads to complications with girlfriends, studio executives, and gangsters.
Filmed on location in Dallas at the Texas Centennial.

Gene Autry western movie Man Of The Frontier AKA Red River Valley
Gene Autry made lots of western movies as well as having a long western music career . Enjoy watching here on Westerns On The Web for free .

Springtime in the Rockies Gene Autry – Western Movies Full Length

Loaded Pistols (1948)

Last of the Pony Riders Gene Autry

Red River Valley

Republic Pictures
Production#: 3570
56 minutes

Cowhand Gene Autry and his partner, Frog Millhouse, help Arizona cattlemen who are trying to build a dam to bring water to their parched lands. Unscrupulous men, including town banker Moore and superintendent of the cattlemen’s irrigation company Conway, attempt to hinder these plans for their own profit. Gene volunteers as night-riding ditch guard, but is caught in rock avalanche when Bull, sabotaging construction boss, sets off a dynamite blast on purpose. Gene is saved by his own quick wit, so Conway has Bull stir up the construction workers into striking over failure of payment. When the payroll is stolen, Gene and Frog head to the desert to recover it, are pursued, and forced into leaping off a cliff into the Colorado River to escape. On their way back to town, they catch Bull and two men dividing the money. Bull confesses, but Conway and Moore start a battle between the cattlemen and the rioting construction crews. Gene arrives with the payroll money, hoping to end the riot by paying the men. In a final desperate effort to win, Conway and Moore open the dam’s floodgates. Gene is washed into the raging current, but saves the money. The two shady men, seeing the jig is up, attempt to escape on a construction train, and are killed when it collides with a flat car of dynamite.
Red River Valley is also known as Man of the Frontier.

Character: Performer:
Gene Autry Gene Autry
Frog Millhouse Smiley Burnette
Mary Baxter Frances Grant
Conway Boothe Howard
Mike Jack Kennedy
Baxter Sam Flint
Bull George Chesebro
Sam Charles King
Iodine Eugene Jackson
Sheriff Edward Hearne
Moore Frank LaRue
Long Ken Cooper
Becker Frank Marvin
Champion Champion

HILL BILLY DANCE #1 Instrumental
HILL BILLY DANCE #2 Instrumental
RED RIVER VALLEY George Chesebro, Gene Autry, and Extras
RED RIVER VALLEY Gene Autry and Extras

Directed by B. Reeves Eason
Supervised by Armand Schaefer
Screenplay and
Original Story Stuart McGowan and Dorrell McGowan
Supervising Editor Joseph H. Lewis
Photography William Nobles
Sound Engineer Terry Kellum
Film Editor Carl Pierson
Songs Sam H. Stept
Gene Autry – Smiley Burnette
Musical Supervision Harry Grey

Gene Autry western movie Ride Ranger Ride

Ride, Ranger, Ride

Republic Pictures
Production#: 604
63 minutes

Former Texas Ranger Gene Autry receives a commission as lieutenant in the U.S. Cavalry and is ordered to report to Colonel Summeral at Fort Adobe. Troopers Frog Millhouse and Rufe Jones join him in the army. Because of Gene’s personal charm and ability to sing, he wins the warm glances of Dixie, the Colonel’s daughter. Lt. Cameron, a West Pointer, resents the newcomer, especially after Gene’s troop beats his in a riding contest which carries the privilege of escorting Dixie to a dance. On the eve of the dance, Cameron is ordered into the interior to make peace with Indians on the warpath. He persuades the Colonel to send Gene along with the detachment. Gene, realizing that Cameron has led them into an ambush, takes charge and shoots his way out – losing one trooper in the battle. After this breach of discipline and a fight with the Colonel’s interpreter, Duval, really an Indian spy, Gene and his pals are mustered out of the army. Gene, Frog, and Rufe return to the Rangers, round up the troublemakers, reveal Duval’s duplicity to Colonel Summeral, and bring peace to the country. Gene is then reinstated in the affections of Dixie who promptly marries him at a colorful wedding arranged by the Rangers.
Character: Performer:
Gene Autry Gene Autry
Frog Millhouse Smiley Burnette
Dixie Summeral Kay Hughes
Duval Monte Blue
Lt. Bob Cameron George Lewis
Scout Rufe Jones Max Terhune
Colonel Summeral Robert E. Homans
Major Crosby Lloyd Whitlock
Little Wolf Chief Thundercloud
Gene’s Trooper Pals The Tennessee Ramblers
Champion Champion

Round-Up Time In Texas starring Gene Autry watch full western movie

Round-Up Time
in Texas

Republic Pictures
Production#: 602
58 minutes

After his brother, Tex, wires him about the discovery of a diamond mine in South Africa, Gene Autry decides to help, leaving Texas with an urgently needed shipment of horses. Gene arrives in Dunbar, South Africa, with Frog Millhouse and discovers that Tex is missing, charged with the killing of his partner, Edward Barclay. John Cardigan, sinister owner of the Dunbar saloon, returns a cablegram Gene wired to his brother. Noticing that it has been opened and resealed, Gene decides to watch Cardigan. Gene’s suspicions are substantiated when he spots Cardigan’s native employee wearing Tex’s belt. Cardigan frames Gene and Frog for illicit diamond buying, and then heads for the diamond mine with saloon singer Gwen, who is Barclay’s daughter incognito, seeking to find her father’s murderer. Gene and Frog elude the police and reach Cardigan’s party, but the entire group is captured by savage natives. All but Cardigan and Frog are released, however, because Frog performs magic tricks and teaches the chief’s children how to sing. Gene, Gwen, and her English friend Barkey, enter the Valley of Superstition. They find the diamond mine, only to discover Cardigan has escaped the natives and is awaiting them. Gene sees Tex in the mine’s chain gang and fights his way free from his cell. Frog then arrives with the Cape police, who released him from his unwilling job as Royal Music teacher. Cardigan meets a just death after a furious fight with Gene.

Man from Music Mountain (1938)

Home On The Prairie – Gene Autry western movie.

Border inspector Gene makes certain no diseased animals make it into the United States. This is from 1939. Gene Autry and Smiley Burnette.
Gene Autry as Gene Autry
Smiley Burnette as Frog Millhouse
June Storey as Martha Wheeler
George Cleveland as Jim Wheeler
Jack Mulhall as Dr. Sommers
Walter Miller as Belknap
Gordon Hart as H.R. Shelby
Hal Price as Sheriff
Earle Hodgins as “Professor” Wentworth
Ethan Laidlaw as Henchman Carter
John Beach as Henchman Russ
Jack Ingram as Henchman Wilson
Bob Woodward as Henchman Madden
Sherven Brothers Rodeoliers as Musicians (as The Rodoliers)
Champion as Gene’s Horse (uncredited)