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Eddie Dean Western Movies to Watch Free

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Eddie Dean Western Movies to Watch Free.

The Hawk of Powder River Eddie Dean

Great full length western movie to watch online. With a wonderful cast of great actors. Eddie Dean is the good guy and he sings some nice songs! Vivian is the Hawk the secret leader of an outlaw gang. She wants the Chambers ranch and after Chambers is killed she sends her men to kill his daughter who is arriving on the stage.
Eddie Dean as Deputy Marshal Eddie Dean
White Cloud as Eddie’s Horse
Roscoe Ates as Soapy Jones
Jennifer Holt as Vivian Chambers aka The Hawk
June Carlson as Carole Chambers
Eddie Parker as Mike Cochrane, the lawyer
Terry Frost as Henchman Mitchell
Lane Bradford as Henchman Cooper
Carl Mathews as Henchman
Ted French as Henchman Carson
Steve Clark as Bill Chambers
Tex Palmer as Stage driver Charlie
Andy Parker as Cowhand / Musician
The Plainsmen as Cowhands / Musicians.

Wildfire Online Bob Steele Western FULL MOVIE in COLOR

This movie stars Bob Steele, Eddie Dean, Virginia Maples and Sterling Holloway. A rustler makes people think that a wild stallion names WILDFIRE is to be blamed for all the missing horses. Watch this wonderful COLOR western movie and hundreds of more westerns on Westerns On The Web.

Song Of Old Wyoming.

Ma Conway, owner of a cattle ranch and publisher of the Laramie Bulletin, wages an up-hill battle to have Wyoming join the Union. She refuses to be intimidated by corrupt politician Lee Landow and crooked banker Jesse Dixon, teamed up to fight her. Led by cowhand Eddie Reed and foreman Uncle Ezra, the Conway cattle drive is blocked at La Platte Pass by the Dixon henchmen led by Ringo.
Starring – Eddie Dean as Eddie, Sarah Padden as Kate ‘Ma’ Conway, Ian Keith as Lee Landow, Lash LaRue as Cheyenne Kid, Jennifer Holt as Vicky Conway, adopted, Emmett Lynn as Uncle Ezra, Robert Barron as Jesse Dixon, Gene Alsace as Henchman Ringo, Don Williams as Cowhand Slim – Musician, Johnny Carpenter as Cowhand Buck, Horace Murphy as Editor Timothy Meeks